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Beastmen OFCC List

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pretty sure this is going to be the final list.  THought i would toss it up for some opinions tho


Beastlord 392

armor of destiny

chalice of dark rain

razorgor chariot

great weapon


Great Bray Shaman 299

talisman of preservation

jagged dagger

ironcurse icon

lvl 4 beast lore

additional weapon


Gorebull 239

blackened plate

talisman of endurance




Gorebull 222

ramhorn helm

gnarled hide

sword of might

heavy armor, shield


Bray Shaman 100

lvl 1 beast lore

dispel scroll


Tuskgor Chariot 80


Tuskgor Chariot 80


Tuskgor Chariot 80


Gor Herd (29) 257

full command

addional hand weapon


Gor Herd (23) 209

full command



Bestigor Herd (27) 354

full command


Ghorgon 275


Trolls (6) 210

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