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Building a Terran/Hawker Fleet for Firestorm Armada


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So you may have seen this game, finally I found some people to play it with and so I assembled some of the Spartan Games models which I think look very cool and also some Quantum Expanse models which substitute for the Terrans in some cases.


I've found all the models to be easy to work with.  The resin is good quality and just a little cleaning, cutting of flash and sanding is all that's necessary.   The Hawker solar panels are a chore but look great so it's worth it.


I'm using Army Painter White Primer as the base.  No complaints.  


I use an airbrush to do the yellow and red lines and hex camo.  You just can't freehand lines like that.


I used Magic Wash but was disappointed with the results in some cases.  When it dries quick it looks better, so I put it under a heat lamp.  Models which got too dark from the wash get the sh-i-t drybrushed out of them, now look ok.


Initially I was disappointed with the look of the dark-with-blue-hexagons stealth Destroyers but now they are warming up to me.  I'm thinking of some hard black accents to make them more stealthy.


A tale of two battleships.  Both started primed white.  The one above got a black wash.

The one below got a tan paint, which I think looks great.



Before the wash



After 3 coats of wash, airbrushed on.  Engage steath suite!



Painting panels a couple shades of blue for effect, then drybrushing white looks pretty rad.



Before the wash



After the wash


Notice how the smaller ships here are darker cause they got washed twice.  They got more white drybrushing to compensate.  I'll need to redo the red marks.  Oh well.

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Whelp, had a game with these yesterday.  It's a known science fact that fully painted Terrans roll better Shield dice.   :biggrin:


A matte coat (I use Krylon Flat Acryilic) is a must for resin.  After the matte coat THEN do the metal bits (I use Model Air Alumimum) and then hit it with a dark wash to make it look gunmetal - I use Army Painter Dark tone in a small dropper bottle.





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It's a decal from a WW2 airplane kit I had lying around.  I love decals.


By the way I really liked your airbrush "engine glow" effects Justin.  The airbrush technique I used was much the same, except I brushed on the white central area of each engine.


The white area in the middle seems to really make all the difference, otherwise there is no glowy-ness to it.

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