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Clash at Cassandra's Reach - Cycle 1 Campaign Chapter 2 (Winter 2021)


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Cycle 1 is underway and conclude January 31. This is a longer than normal cycle mainly due to holiday recovery and the uptick in Covid-19 concerns.

Cycle 1 Scenarios

Players should play any of the following scenarios, determined by any method they choose

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 1 : Stand Off

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 2: Looters

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 3: Ambush

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 4: Border Dispute

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 5: Sabotage

Sector Mechanicus Scenario 6: Rescue Mission

Zone Mortalis Scenario 1 : Tunnel Skirmish

Zone Mortalis Scenario 2: The Trap

Zone Mortalis Scenario 3: Forgotten Riches

Zone Mortalis Scenario 4: The Marauders

Zone Mortalis Scenario 5: Sneak Attack

Zone Mortalis Scenario 6: Smash & Grab

Rewards are as per the scenario, no changes.

Generating Territories

Once the scenario has been determined, roll twice on the following table (rerolling duplicates) to determine the territories at stake:

1-Settlement (3)

2- Old Ruins (3)

3- Workshop (3)

4- Promethium Cache (3)

5- Sludge Sea (3)

6- Rogue Doc Shop (3)

The winner of the scenario chooses which territory they'd like to take control of, the left over territory goes to the losing gang.

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