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[H] Chaos Marines, DV, BITZ [W] $$, Daemons, AoBR Deadnought


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 2 Plastic Marine Flamers, unpainted. Make Offers.

 5 Metal Meltaguns, new and unpainted. Make offers.

 2 Plastic Meltaguns, unpainted. Make offers.

 6 Random Space Marines. 4 Painted black, all bolters. $7.


 1 Stripped of paint Eldar Falcon Grav Tank. Unassembled, no cockpit bits and no base. $15


  2 Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Commanders, New on sprue. $5 each.

  2 Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Librarian. New on sprue. $10 each.

  1 Space Marine Statue Terrain piece, new in box, unpainted. $20


 1 Snotling Pump Wagon, New in Box. &40 PENDING

 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas, New in packaging. $10 each. PENDING

 22 Arrer Boys, no heads, no bases, new on sprues [could add 40k Ork heads...

 Goblin archers, new on sprues.

 Orc Chariot with multiple orks, new on sprues.

 Orc Command sprue, new, unpainted.


 6 New style Genestealers on sprue, unpainted. $12

 1 old metal Carnifex with Venom Cannon and scything talons [old one-eye?] $10

 5 Plastic Warriors, 2 with venom cannons. $20

 1 Metal Biovore with a few spore mines. $10

 1 Metal Lictor. $10

 1 Metal Zoenthrope, in need of repairs. $10

 1 Metal Hive Guard with lash whip and shield. $10

 23 Termagants, with spare bases. $20

 22 Hormagants, with spare bases. $20


 40 Ork boyz with sluggas and choppas. Bagged in sets of 10. Some minorly painted. 10 boyz: $12

 20 pairs of Ork Shootas and arms.

  5 Ork Big Shootas with backpacks.


 SEVERAL HUGE BITZ BOXES of Fantasy and 40k bitz mostly 40k, come and look, not willing to list [A LOT OF ORKIES].


 Feel free to make me offers, I may say yes...






  1 Thunderfire Cannon, any, show me what you got.

  1 Space Marine, Techmarine any, show me what you got.

  8 Space Wolf Plasma guns off Blood Claw Sprues.

  Metal Fiends of Slaanesh

  Plastic Attack on Skull Pass Dwarfs, Ponies with carts, Walls or Cannons, any, show me what you got.

  Dwarf Cannons, ANY, show me what you have :)

  Dwarf models in general, show me what you have.

  Dwarf models...

  Plastic Dwarf models. Prefer unpainted...

  8 Space Wolf Plasma guns off Blood Claw Sprues.



  In SE PDX on 82nd near Foster. Please be willing to come to me as I cannot travel currently.


  Thank you.



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I can't seem to send you any PM's.


Hey, I'm interested in the discontinued metal daemonettes you mention that you're looking to get rid of. Can you link me to a pic somewhere of the ones you're talking about, just so I know which ones these are?
I'll dig through my boxes when I get home later, but I do have some Slaanesh seeker chariots (the new thresher thingies) that I'd be willing to potentially trade.
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