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Looking to sell or trade WHFB Orks


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I have the following:
Night Goblins:
Netters x8
Skull Pass with spears x170 (45 partial painted)
Handweapon with shield x30
Night Goblin Shaman (skull pass) x2
Archers x27 (18 primed)
Fanatics x10 (4 metal needing TLC, 2 metal, 4 plastic)
OOP Night Goblins x27 (assorted spears and bows)

Spear Chukka x4 (5 total, one missing top half, crew for 4)
Doom Diver x2
Rock Lobba

Arachnarok Spider - spider assembled, all other parts still on sprue
Boar Chariot x2 (painted, needs TLC)
Boar riders x6 (5 Metal savage orcs, 1 metal normal standard)
Spider Riders x10 (partial paint riders ARE included)
Kit Bashed big boss on boar

Metal Shaman
Orc boyz with 2 hand weapons x78 (from 6th edition starter, 37 painted)
Archers x13 (from 6th edition starter)
Troll from Skull pass
Mounted Warboss
Giant (OOP metal)
Wolf Riders x20 (In bad shape, most parts inlcuded in bits)
Black orcs x9 (needs standard, primed black)
Mounted BSB
Warboss on foot
Warboss on Wyvern, metal

Orks Army book
Warhammer Fantasy Rules book

Looking for $900 which is 60% of retail or a trade for Warmachine/Hordes.

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