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Guardian Cup Iron Hands

von hammer

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It's getting down to the wire and I'm just not sure what to bring. I'm gonna throw out a list, and what I have so maybe all of you peeps on here can help a brother out.


HQ: Chapter Master

- Combi - Grav

- Power Sword

- Gorgon Chain relic

- Melta Bombs


Elites: Ironclad Dread

- Seismic Hammer w/Melta

- Power Fist w/Flamer

- Ironclad Launchers

- Drop Pod


Troops: Scouts x5

- Snipers

- Camo Cloaks

- Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad x 10

- Grav gun

- Plasma Cannon

- Sergeant has TH/Grav Pistol and Melta bombs

- Drop pod

Tactical Squad x 10

- Grav gun

- multi Melta

- Sergeant has PF/Grav Pistol and Melta bombs

- Drop pod


Fast Attack: Stormtalon

- Skyhammer missiles


Heavy Support: Centurion Dev. Squad

- Grav-cannon/Amps

- Omniscope

- LR Crusader



Non FOC spot: Techmarine

- Servo Harness

- Power Axe

- Combi-Grav

- Melta Bombs

Total: 1849


I have painted up as IH:


-2 Ironclad dreads with hurricane bolters/chain fists

- Razorback with lascannons

- Stormtalon

- Sternguard Squad

- Vanguard Squad w/ TH/SS

- Centurion dev. Squad w/ Grav-cannons

- Venerable Dread w/ Plasma Cannon/PF

- Dread with TL Lascannons

- 4 Drop pods

- Librarian w/ Stave

- Vindicator


I do also have a bunch of stuff I could paint really quickly but let me know Ordo! Thanks!

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Grav guns are money... On relentless platforms. Go plasma on those tac squads you will be glad you did, extra range on the move and no difference in number of shots on the move. Moving with salvo weapons sucks so bad right now.


I'd also go maul over sword for the master personal taste I like the extra strength when dealing with those 2+ saves.

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I run my iron clad with a hammer, scratch built and will not change it. That sead the chain fist is a better weapon. Only with you loose is the concuss rule, and you gain armour bane.


I am not sold on grave guns, there awesome vs marines, but orks eldar tau all just dont care. Also if you move your shot count drops a bunch. With short range you will have to reposition unless your drop pod hits right where you need it.


On your chapter master artificer armour is worth the points and I would run a hammer or power fist. Chain and armour make you survive tell your attack and the ap and damage is better, also you get some points back by dropping the melta bombs. Combi grav really only works in terminator armour for the relentless rule.


My 2 cents TW Haines

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