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Changes in 7th edition


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 Just picked up my new book set..yeah I broke down and got the hard copy for the pictures :biggrin:


 Anyhow I know lots of stuff has been posted already but I think it would be nice If we could have a thread for those of us that got the new edition to list any changes we see.


 First off I just noticed on pg 82 in the "Psychic Powers and Transports" its stating that Psykers embarked on a Transport can only target enemy units with Witchfire powers and then only if they can use a fire port to do that...then it goes on to state that "Psykers embarked on a Transport cannot attempt to manifest any other kind of psychic power."


 Further it states that Psychic powers cannot target units that are embarked on a transport.


  This is a pretty major change isint it?..I mean before a Psyker could buff a unit or even the transport vehicle it was in with powers and such.




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 Pg 100


 Under "Look out Sir and Shooting"   It states that "When a Wound is allocated to one of your non-vehicle characters,and there is another model from the same unit within 6",he is allowed a Look out,sir attempt"


 The reason I bring this up is that it wasn't clear on this since the new AM book came out with the LR commander HQ`s and this seems to straighten that out.

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Chariots also give fearless, and relentless. Yay Tzeentch chariots actually work.


Also precision shots and precision strikes are separate rules. Shots are at range, strikes are in melee. I'm not so scared of blobs now. The precision part is the same 6s to hit.


Ignore cover stayed the same.


Vector striking ground targets only gets you a single hit, while vector striking other flying stuff gets d3...

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Link: AbusePuppy's doing his breakdown over at 3++.


You missed that grenades can't be chucked through building windows anymore.  Flamers still work, tho.

  Thnx for the link!


 And good write up AP,thats the best ive seen:)



 So I guess im not missing it...they didn't include any rules updates/clarifications for Voidshield gens....


 AND I still don't know how to target the missles on the Vortex missle Aquila Strongpoint :angry: ...unless the new tracing LoS from any part of the models "Body" would work.

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   Another one I read in a post at Dakka...It appears that Super Heavys no longer give the 1 vp per 3hps of dmg suffered at the end of the game since its not listed as a rule in the new book.


 However I assume that if players were to play one of the AoW missions from Escalation then that rule would apply.

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 Pg 110


 Buildings now have Hull Points;


  Small           3hp

  Medium        4hp

 Large             5hp


 So yeah those vengeance batteries can be glanced down now.

This is awesome because I'm in the process of building an Ork town terrain set.  My thought was the buildings would be BIG and ramshackly, but there was no HP system in 6th.  


Now I can have an AV10, Open-topped, 5HP building and it should work how I imagine it.  HUZZAH!  

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Andozane totally locked the thread I had posted this in, so here it is again. Short story: I think 7th Ed might be good.


Huh. I think. I really like 7th. The changes to the ally chart help a lot, and the changes to D weapons and fortifications make their inclusion in the game more palatable. The psychic phase seems great (though, screw you Tyranids! What good does shadows in the warp do now?). The tactical missions seem like fantastic fun. Everyone can score, but the fact that battle-forged troops Clown everything gives them a very important role. The core rules from 6th, which were fun, are intact. The layout of the book is fantastic... I can have all of my fluff and eye candy, but not have to carry it around with me to every game. They've really set the stage for future scenarios, what with the possibility of different force orgs. The changes to interceptor and the vehicle damage chart might be tough to handle, but they shouldn't be too bad, just different. I like it.

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