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Bolt Action- June 18th Game Day


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The next summer engagement game day is on the books for June 18th.  Same location in Aurora with room for up to 16 players.  If you are interested in attending, please let them know by registering for the event, send me a PM, or email them at crostocil@rostisgambit.com.  They will get your name on the list for updates.
Basic setup as before:
- 1000 point armies
- 2.5 hr. games
- Scenarios from the Rule Book 
In addition to 6 tables, we will also have two campaign tables in place for those wanting to play the Pegasus Bridge or Stalingrad scenarios.  Rosti’s Gambit will also have a Warlord kiosk up onsite.

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Alright Bolt Action players.  June 18th is this Saturday and we are all set to play.  We have 12 players headed down to Aurora for the day of battles.  
Drop in players are welcome, shot a message to crostocil@rostisgambit.com if you need information (or you can find us on Facebook on Rosti’s Gambit page).

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