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Navis Nobilite


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Warhammer 40k fluff is so frakking cool.


Page 13 of Dark Millennium talks about what basically amounts to Guild Navigators from the Dune series. Sanctioned mutants whose purpose is to guide folks through the warp. WTF? Is this new? I thought Astropaths did the navigation, latching on to the Astronomicon, the huge beam of psychic energy shining forth from the bastion that is Holy Terra to guide the Emperor's faithful through the darkness of the warp. How long has the Navis Nobilite been around, or is this a new addition to the fluff? If not, what types of mutants are they? What's their story?

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I believe that the mutation is their third eye. Used to see the warp and the Astronomicon, they keep it hidden under headbands or heavy hoods because "what sees into the warp, the warp can see out of as well". Read a short story a long time ago about a young navigator who ends up saving the day by using hers as a weapon.

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They've been around from the start of 40K, but I'm pretty sure they were lifted from Dune. The similarity really is striking.


I love all those bits of fluff about the 40K universe that don't really have a place on the 40K table, the stuff about the non-fighting organization of the Imperium and the rest of the galaxy.

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