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I've managed a handful of games of Xwing at Epic scale and so far I'm really enjoying it.


The additional points allows for some combos that normally don't hit the table in 100 point games. APTs + Jan Ors + Opportunist = 7 attack dice!


I've also found that in Epic and higher point games PS becomes huge. There is enough firepower on both sides that typically the side shooting first can put a big dent in their opponent. Likewise, assault missiles and other ordinance seem to add to the alpha strike.


The Rebel Transport is way more fun to play than I expected. It is setup in the game as like a giant AWACS system. It boosts your ships and screws with opponent better than anything else I have seen. Comms Booster is an absolute must. I would even consider playing with 2 of them on a transport. It is easy to go overboard on upgrades with the transport, I've seen the best results at around 45 points.

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Just flew the Vette as a broadside ship (Weapon Engineer, 3 x Quad Laser Batteries, Gunnery Team, Tactician, Engineering Team, etc.) last night in an Epic Team game and it cleaned house. I would never use this thing with less than full Hardpoints however - you need the 4 guns far more often when you engage, especially if you're swarmed. I was surprised how often ships were out of the range of my Quads, and can certainly see the value of the Turbolaser upgrade, as it lets you snipe at big ships with no range penalties from turn 1, which is great considering the speed these things practically move.


I was flying this as an Imperial Tantive to balance the game out a bit (so no crewmember Han - sadface), and my escort were the 2 TIE Bomber aces which were invaluable. Jonus flew with Wingman, Proton Torps and Munitions Failsafe, while Rhymer carried Push the Limit, Advanced Proton Torps, regular Proton Torps, and Munitions Failsafe; Rhymer laid a big hit on the front section of the 'Vette with the APTs, and Jonus ended up finishing her with a K-Turn followed by a Proton torp up the tailpipe. Jonus was definitely the hero of the game, surviving with just one Hull and having killed the Tantive, Wedge, and Kyle Katarn over the course of the game.


I love that Epic has totally mixed up the strategy of the game. Flying Huge Ships is a completely different skill set, and it's made the Torpedo upgrade and slower gunships like the Y-Wing and Bomber so much better. Now, with Reinforce in the mix, you'd be crazy to just load up with regular TIEs and hope for weight of numbers to carry you through...those 4+ attack dice hits and anything that crits are essential to dealing with the huge ships.

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