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I love my neighbors, and living in an apartment! apoc table construction.

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So I've always dreamed of a nice large table. Well rather a series of tables making it possible to play apoc more easily.


I bought what some would say is too many frontline gaming/table war gaming mats (3). But was never able to finish off what would be a $300 ish setup. I only consider one of the "mega" mats in that price as I have had a home table setup for a long time and two mats makes for great alternative terrain setups.


So earlier this week one of my neighbors decides to throw out perfectly good plywood! This is the expensive part of any setup! I'm like this is awesome as I drag enough plywood to cover 2 and a third four foot by six foot tables. I stash it in the garage with plans for today apparently.


This morning I felt really motivated and after cleaning the kitchen and some breakfast I get to work. First things first off to get some lumber for my plan to work I need to build some frames. My plan is to do a big capital i setup, like this...




This lazy way obviously won't work as the mats would be all wrinkly, and that center section would bow and be unstable! So I build the first frame...




I used two by threes as they are stout enough but allowed me to get the framing for 20 bucks. I spent another 10 on screws and stuff. The brilliance of my plan is that the center frame has arms to span the gap between my existing tables. Up till now I used to just cram the two tables next to each other and slap a mat down. I also made notches so the next two tables would sit down nice and flush but be tied together and allow for break down storage...



Ooooo snazzy


Not quite flush but I ain't no carpenter



And then yada yada yada I'm skipping to the end after nine hours...


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