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Cleaning out the Stuff


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Vulkan He'stan (Assembled)

Thunderfire Cannon (Assembled)

One Venerable Dreadnought (Partially Assembled, All bits are with it)

20 Tactical Marines (Still in Box on Sprue)

One Land Speeder (Still in Box on Sprue) 

One Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer (Still in Box on Sprue)  

One Imperial Guard Battalion minus the Sentinels (Mostly in box and on sprue, there is one heavy weapon crew put together and six or seven gaurdsmen based without arms)

One Basilisk/Chimera (Basilisk is assembled but the top part is removable so I assume a clever person could work it so that they can do either the Basilisk or Chimera)

Current Tau Empire Codex



One Ten Thunders Plastic Kit (Fox Demon and Ototo are assembled, everything else is on Sprue, Cards and Mini-Rulebook Included)


Warhammer Fantasy

High Elf side of IoB box set plus One extra mage

One Random Chaos Sorcerer model that I will just throw at you if ya wan


I want this all gone! Its taking up space and making the small area that I call my cave very very small. Having said that I want to make it clear that this is not a, "Get my [big bad swear word] out of here as fast as possible" sale. I want to make some deals, I will attempt to trade in your favors but please no low-balling me. Would like to stay local,(Portland/Vancouver) but I will ship. So please make me an offer, I will have pictures up soon.



Dwarfs (New and Old, I do not care)

Warmachine and Hordes (preference given to Circle Deals)

Flames of War ( Late War British or Early War Japanese please)





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