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W: ogre pistols, stonehorn crossbow H: bitz, various, cash


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Hi folks,


Have a very specific bitz request that I need to finish up my maneaters for OFCC. 

I need:


-mournfang pistols with the hand attached, I could also use the accompanying arm piece

-crossbow shaft with arm from the stonehorn kit


I have (trade preferred, but I also have cash):


-chaos warrior bitz and iconography (from various 40k and WFB, couple from forgeworld)

-metal dark elf assassin (NIB)

-plastic skaven plague monk (from the bell kit I think)

-parts from the citadel battering ram (was converting it to a warshrine, hence the CW bitz above)

-metal lady justice box set and cards

-3 or 4 of the AT-43 shipping containers, bunker, and some other bitz


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