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Looking for a team...maybe of my own

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The long story short is I really want to go to OFCC this year and I may have understandably lost my spot on Team Diversity due to missing last year. I am putting feelers out to see if anyone is looking for team members or if there are 3 other people looking for a team to be on as playing the role of Captain could be some fun times....or at least it is something I am willing to try and figure I should be able to get some people to vouch for me. I figure this was a good place to start and figure out which route I should go.

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I fully endorse Mauz and wish I could join his team.


I wish you could join my team as well. I always pictured convincing you and Wilson and either Jonathon or Ziggy simply because it sounded like it would be a blast for all of us....even if it meant lots of prep this is how you play work. If by some miracle you can let me know.


So now to find a team and try to be all Captainey like.

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I think Mauz would be a great Captain.


If you want some help in pairing your games, I'd love to help. Maybe you want to be GG captain #2?


I have been thinking about trying to see if any Guardian players wanted in. I would totally be down for the #2 spot if everyone is kosher with it/I am not stepping on anyone else's toes.

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