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Warhammer Fest reveals for the Horus Heresy

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Kratos heavy assault tank


Deimos-pattern Rhino


new Black Library books



Special weapons upgrade kit


new rule books and tactical squads - Marks III, IV and VI



and finally... the new boxed set.  Horus Heresy - Age of Darkness


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Sold out in minutes most likely. Or at least I'm hoping it isn't. I have to say, these models have me really excited. I started with the plastic beaky box...hell, I still have it. I love the models. That being said....there is no place for your own chapter in HH. Basically you have to play as one of the original 20 right? And even that is less since several chapters were blacked out. I see those minis and I really want to paint them up in my Carrion Green color scheme of old. But that wouldn't fit HH. The other option is to get the HH minis, and use them as regular space marines in 40K. Ugh...very undecided. I already own a decent amount of Primaris units, and I have a fairly sizable Space Wolf army. To justify getting the HH, I'd probably need to ditch both of them. Poop.

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I wonder if they will make the Chucks and Eddies...the Contemptors seem to be the definite dread choice for HH.

As for colour schemes...who cares.  Paint what colour scheme you want and just pick some rules...I've definitely  hit that age level stage of "screw that stuff, roll dice and have fun and don't worry bout the other stuff".  You are there too, I know it 🙂

40 Mk VI Power Armor

2 Praetors

1 Contemptor Dreadnought

1 Spartan (this is awesome)

10 Cataphractii Terminators

Plus of course rules, templates, etc...

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46 minutes ago, Brother Glacius said:

if I decide to go into this, I definitely will need to find someone to split weapon upgrade boxes with. 30 weapons in a box?

I'll prob be doing this. I know the ten weapons seems a lot but they have whole units of special or heavy weapons. So it makes sense and would be easy to split if you can part with one type of weapon or swap etc

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No denying the new HH has got lovely models. Is it me or is GW making everything bigger these days? Its starting to feel like they are separating themselves from other model lines by going bigger, so that trying to use 3rd party would look wrong. I think at one point you could use Mantic models in 40K games without too much fuss.... now...I think it would look out of place. Not a dig really...just made me wonder if that was intentional on their part...further separating themselves from competitors. Of course with 3D printing, scale is not going to do it.

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