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WoC - A Noob's guide.

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Alright. A few of you Fantasy players know me from raging around the round based game for little kids that GW also produces. I am possibly coming into a WoC Fantasy army and am interested in how to build a good list to play Fantasy. I haven't played WHFB in probably 7 years and want the public opinion on what is good in the book. What marks? What units? Mechanics of a good list? Etc....

I have been on the fence for WHFB for a bit now. Since 40k is a bit of a disappointment to me with 7th, I am looking to fill my time with other endeavors.



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Welcome to being an adult in your GW gaming experience!

WoC are my favorite army, and I've played an excessive amount of variants ill do a 50 cent primer for you.


(Skip special characters they aren't used in fantasy often)


Special rules

Eye of the Gods- you must challenge always. You get to roll on a cool table for killing things.



( applies to most things except demon prince, spawn and giant)


Mark of Khorne- Grants frenzy. (+1 attack, immune to psychology, must over run and test to charge what you want). Powerful but easily countered by skill. Also the only mark that can be lost. Expensive.

Mark of Slaanesh- immune to fear terror panic. Cheap.

But not a big effect.

Mark of Tzeentch- +1 to ward saves grants 6+ ward..super powerful defensively. Moderate

Mark of Nurgle- negative one to hit the model.

Super ungodly powerful. Expensive.



Chaos lord- a badass close combat beast. Many mount options. Not very competitive due to not providing anything outside combat.


Sorcerer lord- the best caster you could hope for, super great armor saves, great lore choices, great mounts

Almost always taken


Daemon prince- a badass that flies and combines the best of a lord and a sorcerer lord. A monster. Also a cannonball magnet. Point sink but worth it.



Exalted Hero- Awesome! His stats rival most lords worth it, always taken as a battle standard bearer.

Awesome mount choices


Sorcerer- junior league caster made for back up and dispel scrolls. Great mounts awesome choice.




Warriors- other armies elites aren't as good as your core. Powerful in melee. Slow. Good armor.


Marauder- cheap bodies figjt reasonable well. Die like pigs.


Warhounds- super cheap chaff always taken in every list. Always.


Horsemen fast cheap hard hitting guys to go hunt cannons. Great and cheap.


Chariots- tanks of warhammer. They are a brick in a sock. Slow.


Forsaken- haha no.




Trolls- Omgz yes. Great time. Good at pretty much every combat roll.


Ogres-good with marks, solid all around.


Knights- overall the baddest of the bad. Insane armor and fast.


Chosen- expensive chaos warriors but killers. Probably not worth it without warshrine.


Warshrine- a slow slow buff wagon.


Dragon ogres- super heavy hitters that are fast. Expensive.


Chimera- a flying monster that is awesome. Really no downside.


Hellstriders- warpspeed low armor guys.



Skull crushers- knights on Juggers. There is no downside to this unit beyond dollar investment IRL.


Hellcannon- a monster that's also a gun. How is this a bad thing?


Giant- no. But fun. Seriously no.


Spawn- nope.


Mutalith- expensive cannon magnet. Not that good but not awful


Slaughterbrute- silly rules that don't work out. Good model though.

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A sample beginner list


Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Level 4.Shadow

Charmed shield

Talisman of Protection


Exalted Hero

Battle Standard Bearer


Barded Chaos Steed


Sword of Might


Chaos Sorcerer

Level 2 Shadow

Enchanted shield

Dispel Scroll


17 Chaos Warriors

Shields, Full Command


17 Chaos Warriors

Shields, Full Command


5 warhounds vanguard

5 warhounds vanguard

5 warhounds vanguard

5 warhounds vanguard


5 marauder horsemen, flails

5 marauder horsemen, flails





5 Chaos Knights

Full Command, ensorcelled weapons


Chimera, regeneration

Chimera, regeneration


3 Skullcrushers


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Chaos is considered the top Army Book right now and appears to have many solid units. Good choice for an experienced like yourself.


Us Square Bottoms love to see fresh meat to feed....... Ahem, new players to challenge. And I am sure your army will be drop dead beautiful when you finish it too. Chaos has some fun themes that will make the painter in you go into painting bliss.

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Like AgentP said; however the flying DP gets a lot of attention as well.  Before I could really suggest any army tips, I would need to know what your playstyle is.


Do you want an all cav list?  Do you like WoC foot sloggers?  Are you interested in trolls, ogre, or shaggoths?  Do you care about magic?  There are a lot of different ways to play WoC. 

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The best options in the book, by far, are these:

Demon prince, on nurgle (WS9, so anything WS4 or less hits him on 6's while characters hit him on 5s), with a 1+ save (immunity to most small-arms fire), a dragonbane gem (near immunity to fire...and metal magic), wings (really tough to block him from being where he wants to be), and soul feeder + sword of striking (between hitting on 2+ and stomps he will regenerate wounds faster than pretty much anything can get through his defenses). Give him 4 levels of magic on death for extra fun.


Character (hero or lord) with a 4++, mark of tzeentch (now a 3++) and third eye of tzeentch (now a 3++ where you reroll 1s...so very nearly a 2++). Combine this with a 1+ save versus shooting and a demonic steed for 3 wounds (on a hero) and immunity to killing blow and you've got yourself an "unkillable" hero

Chariots as core (because they're just as fast as warriors, but cheap, flexible, T5, and hit like trucks)

Skullcrushers (hit hard, extremely durable, fast)


Chimera (very high damage output, solid defense with T5 4+4++, very fast with fly)

So now that you know what the powerful options are...don't take them. Well...maybe take 1 or two, but not all of them. Certainly not a demon prince. I like to say that people who take all of these are just "only playing to prove that the internet is right," because really...what else are you doing? Everyone knows that list can win games, so why are you bothering? Make something of your own! Make it cool! Own it! Don't just run what everyone else already knows is great.

Running bricks of foot warriors is cool, for instance. Running chaos knights is cool as well. Gorebeast chariots are hella mean. Doing a mono-god list that ISN'T Nurgle. Heck, run a giant! Pretty much any deviation from the "norm" of warriors is going to win you a lot more friends than running the "same old" list that we've all seen a thousand times. Because not only does that list always look the same, it always PLAYS the same. Booooooooooooooring.


Warriors are probably still the strongest book on the scene at the moment. The only thing they have going against them is that their playstyle is fairly one-dimensional, and everybody has played it enough times to know the dance off by heart.

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I have been a close combat oriented player my entire wargaming career. Armies like Black Templars and World Eaters of Khorne have always been my go to stand by. As that phase has been overly hamstrung in 40k, I am looking into other games like WHFB and Warmahoardes. I like close in action. In every aspect of gaming, be it tabletop spaceship combat to video games, getting stuck in and punching up close is where I love to be.

King Mekhet:

I love the advice. I am planning on doing my own spin on the army, but with a serious lack of experience and game mechanics, the advice is really helpful to me so I don't throw away money on units that really look cool, but will ultimately disappoint. I love playing fluffier lists and will probably go the Blood God route. An experienced general can lead me around by the nose because of Frenzy. A risk I am willing to take if it means piling on more skulls for the Brass King.


Thank you for that great list. I really like the succinctness of it. I will use it as a primer when purchasing models upon my return from overseas.

Thanks all. And if anybody else wants to toss in a few words, please, by all means do so. I love info when making decisions when it comes to my plastic addiction.

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Ok, I think you would like a nice block of 25 warriors to start as your armies core.  These guys can dig in with most other units and dish out wounds decently.  The next thing to ask yourself is do you want survivability or damage output.  For survivability you'd obviously want to go with shields and mark of tzeentch for the 3+ armour save and 5+ parry save or you could go nurgle for a 3+ armour save, 6+ parry save, and -1 hit modifier for your opponent.  Halberds are nice for the strength bonus; however, I don't think these are needed as you have access to one of the best knight units in the game to crunch through armour.


Two units of warhounds is nice.  You'll want some cheap redirectors.  Depending on your playstayle, some maurader horsemen can help the chaff war.  A unit of skullcrushers will keep your opponents honest with armour units.  Honestly, I believe every list should have a unit of 3 skullcruchers.  They give you a very nice hard hitting sturdy unit.


The good thing is that you chose the right book for combat oriented playstyles.

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ChappyDBC- your welcome for the dime store guide to WoC. Until very recently.I have been playing mono Khorne and when done right is truly a thing of fear for opponents, throwing ALL the dice is harrowing to watch.


While fun I prefer a more tactical approach and due to experience have figured out two truths

1.) Mono god is fun, but chaos really gets rolling on multi god synergy

2.) The weak lynch pins of chaos is leadership and forced challenges screwing you.


As such I've transitioned into a much more frightening imho army.

The true glory is for me

The absolute brick of 24+1 lord tzeentch warriors to be the anvil

The 4 skull crushers to be the hammer

The two units of 6 Hellflayers to be my outriders

The four units of nurgle chariots to be my tarpits

The 2 blocks of 40 marauders to be my bodies

The 2 shadow mages to be my magic phase

The hellcannon to be my shooting phase


All 4 of the gods in representation, without mercy or weakness.

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That sounds really cool. Very varied. And with all of the Gods represented. Very neat. I may run something similar. I think today will be "go buy the book day." I skimmed it while in WA this week, but now it's time to nut up or shut up.

Classic Flava:

The list I was referring to was the description of what things are good Vs bad. Not his demo list. I will take his demo list into consideration but not guaranteed to be taking a nut-punchy army straight away. I still have to re-learn how to play the game too. :)

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That is hilarious. When I was a Marine, we got eaten up while we were there and we couldn't understand why. The nylons are a great idea. However, I am now in the "Chair Force" and I am a flyer to boot. We don't do honorable hard work like the rest of the military. So the likelihood of me doing those things are very low. But I will bring some for the Security Forces folks. They may need them more than me.

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I posted up some wants and desires in the Rogue Trading forum. Need some bits and pieces to get the army properly rolling along. Check it out........because I need things.


What I have: (In case you want to help me list-hammer)

2 Tzeentch Sorcerer s on Disks

1 Sorcerer on foot

1 Khorne Lord on foot

1 "Harry the Hammer" Lord on foot

1 Archaon on foot

40 Warriors of Chaos with Hand Weapon and Shield

15 Marauders on Horse

10 Knights of Chaos

9 Chaos Warhounds

1 Giant (Missing his hands and club)


I am pretty sure that is all for now. Needs movement trays too. But, anyway, there is my start point.


Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!

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I'm just going to ball park it here since I'm at work.


Sorcerer on Foot

Charmed shield, iron hard skin, level 4 shadow

Talisman of protection,spell familiar


Exalted Hero

Mark of Tzeentch, Talisman of endurance, enchanted shield, sword of initiative 10.

Battle standard


Exalted hero

Mark of Tzeentch

Disc of Tzeentch




Exalted Hero

Mark of Tzeentch

Disc of Tzeentch



Dragon helm




20 warriors of chaos

Mark of tzeentch

Shields full command

Blasted standard


20 warriors

Mark of tzeentch

Shields, full command


2 x 5 chaos warhounds, vanguard

3 x 5 marauder horsemen with flails


10 Chaos Knights

Mark of Khorne, Banner of Rage

Musician, Standard


Chaos giant

Mark of Khorne

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