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Summer Session-a-Bowl Challenge league!


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Hey signups are open for our summer league.  It'll run July 1- September 20th I'm heavily encouraging people to come to Ordo on Tuesday evenings 5-8 and be at Sessionable Sunday mornings  11 - 3. I will be at both most weeks.

Minimum 5 games played to qualify for the tourney top 8 league points will qualify tournament will be seeded based on win percentage.  league points are 3 for a win 1 for a tie 1 for 3+ td's 1 for 3+ casualties

Everyone who plays 5 games will get a cool resin coin with session-a-bowl on one side and the ordobowl logo on the other.

I'm working on a cool award for anyone playing 10 games as well.  trophy's for top 3 spots.

link for tourplay https://tourplay.net/en/blood-bowl/sessionable-cup register for "Competition"

our Discord is https://discord.gg/krz4FjNqZn

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Saturday the 19th the glorious 3rd place game will be taking place along with at least one "shake off the rust"  game come on down to Sessionable and see who gets the huge prize of 30K two teams with a total of 16 healthy players there's going to be tons of journeymen getting work done! Kickoff at 1 pm.  meet some of the coaches and anyone who shows up will be given 20k for backroom deals from sponsors.

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ONE WEEK left to register for the summer league! @Frostitute@jollyork@scotthartman@Swensos83@ninefinger@savion47@theTank@Maxwell Christian

I've tagged people I think might be interested and haven't signed up yet on tourplay if you think someone needs to see this please respond and tag them!

I'll leave registration open if possible but I think once we start games It automatically closes registration.  Currently 19 teams have been registered 

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