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My first OFCC dark elf list

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I don't know how this will go I have a limited collection and trying to gut a lot of the negative play aspects out of this list with less shooting and a defensive L4 kit out and no monsters


One caveat this list was designed for malus dark blade but noticed late there is a no special characters restriction



Dreadlord: Giant Blade; Dawnstone; The Other Trickster's Shard; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; Cold One; General 276


Supreme Sorceress: Dispel Scroll; Ring of Hotek; Ironcurse Icon; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Beasts 300


Death Hag: Obsidian Blade; Rune of Khaine 175


Master: Ogre Blade; Luckstone; Enchanted

Shield; Battle Standard Bearer 145


5 Dark Riders: Repeater Crossbow; Shield; Musician; 110


5 Dark riders: Repeater Crossbow; Shield; Musician; 110


21 Black Ark Corsairs: Reaver; Musician; Standard Bearer 261


21 Black Ark Corsairs: Reaver; Musician; Standard Bearer 261


11 Cold One Knights: Dread Knight; Musician; Standard Bearer (Banner of Swiftness) 375


21 Black Guard of Naggarond: Tower Master; Musician; Standard Bearer (Razor Standard) 390


Reaper Bolt Thrower 70


Reaper Bolt Thrower 70


6 Shades 96



6 Doomfire Warlocks 150


1 Cold One 11


2,800 points

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Well, welcome to the world of treachery!


I really like the overall list you have.  It's very nice and has some good support units for your combat fighters.  Now, here come my suggestions.  Remember these are only suggestions.


1) The dreadlord coudl get much more survivable and retain his combat effectiveness.  Heavy armour, shield, SDC, cold one, ogre blade, talisman of preservation, shard.  This gives your general a 1+/4+ and is rocking a steady 4 S6 attacks which force your opponent to re-roll successful ward saves.


2) I really like your supreme sorceress build.  Extremely unique and you won't see that anywhere else, at least I haven't yet, and I commend you on that prime support build.  The key will be keeping her in the second rank of her unit so she can't get attacks directed against her.  If you can do that, then you will have a very nice support caster!


3) Again, I think you need to make that Master more survivable.  Heavy armour, SDC, sword of might, enchanted shield, dawnstone.  You get a BSB with a 1+ re-rollable armour save and a consitant S5 attack.  If he is going with your BG, like I predict he will, then they will want that added bonus.


4) I love the death hag build.  I also run mine with an obsidian blade.  It keeps your opponents armoured units at bay and very hesitant to get into combat with her.


5) Perfect Dark Rider build.  However, with the lack of chaff/re-directors in this list, I suggest that you split them up into groups of 5. 


6) I love the banner choice for your cold ones.  That banner has made a huge difference in many of my dark elf games.  It's amazing what the +1 movement does.


7) The black guard...I have mixed feeling for this unit.  I love the unit and have one myself.  I think they would be better served with 24.  They die fast, once they get hit.  They have low toughness and a crappy armour save.  Also, I understand the razor standard, I really do, but you still have to wound to get the AP.  I honestly think it's a waste of points on the black guard.  They should be getting augmented from wysann's.  A standard of discipline will go a long way in that unit.  If you put your BSB in that unit, you know have a unit taking LD tests on a 10.  That's pretty awesome.  This unit is meant to hold, the longer they hold, the easier it is to get your supporting units into combat.  That stubborn should be getting the most from it, and nothing says stubborn like a re-rollable LD 10.


8) The bolt throwers are great.  I like them in this list.  You aren't taking witches or executioneers and aren't spamming monsters. These are going to be needed and if anyone has every used a bolt thrower, they will know that you can't count on them to wound when you need them.  So, 2 is a nice number with them.


9) The shades are great, they are just good at setting up in prime positioning.


10) Again, I think you only need 5 warlocks, and with the points shaved on the razor standard, try and get some more bodies in that BG unit.


Overall, the unit choices are awesome.  I like the direction this list is going.  I just believe that some minor tweaks are needed to make this list challenging.  The characters seem to have some random magic items thrown on them, and with some shuffling around they could get the better combo's they are needing.  Make your characters survivable and they'll do wonders for you.  The main thing to remember when playing dark elves is that they die extremely fast when they get hit.

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With the units you have and with you not taking a level dark sorc or a CoB, witches, or executioneers, you will need the characters you do have built for combat and survivability. Those changes to your characters won't bring them or this list over the top.


I would rate the current list around a 3.5 and even after any changes to your characters I would still rate it a 3.5.

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3.5 damn was hoping I had skimed it down to a 3,


We'll I like the character builds I've fond that every one tends to attack the unit rather then characters just to get combat res,


The one big Change I would Make is split the dark riders in to 5 pacs

Yeah, I meant to say a 3 not a 3.5.  I was typing with my phone and i hit random buttons when I type with it.

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