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For those about to Pew Pew kerblammers..

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I threw together a writeup this morning for another forum that I post on so I figured I'd crosspost it here (With some additonal notes):


I took first at my local Imdaar event that I also ran as TO (which was pretty exhausting). I played my standard list of Soontir with PtL and Stealth, Howlrunner, and 4 Academy TIEs. I used to throw Determination on Howl, but I kept it at 99 this time to dictate initiative per the new tourney rules.

My first match was almost a mirror match with my opponent running Jax with Stealth, Howl with Stealth and Swarm Tactics, and 4 Academys. The asteroids were a little more crowded than I would have liked and I had to do some fancy spacing during deployment and barrel rolling after the first move to get my guys into formation, but it worked out great. My opponent on the other hand botched one of his dials to the wrong speed turn and caused a traffic jam that persisted into round 2 when I was able to shoot at him. Soontir had come around the flank and was able to land 2 damage at range 2 on an actionless Jax that got finished off by focused TIE fire and it was pretty downhill for him from there with my superior firepower picking off his ships one by one while I only lost one or two TIEs. (This player was new to the shop, and his name was Tyler I believe. Nice guy and I hope to see him around more)

Round 2 was against another Imp list with a Bounty Hunter with Gunner, two Bombers with Seismic Charges, and two Obsidian TIEs. He wasn't able to stick any damage on me for the entire game until a charge hit 4 of my ships in one burst, but by then it was too late and I'd taken out enough of his stuff to score a match win when time was called. (This was against Derek)

Round 3 was the highlight of the event for me against a Rebel player new to the shop running Dutch with Ion and R2, a Gold with the same, a Blue with Advanced Sensors, and a Blue with nothing. Double Ions and a lot of sturdy ships with good firepower on the Bs was pretty scary for me from the beginning and proved to be almost the end of me at the end. He took apart my swarm pretty handily, with me dropping the shields on a Blue and then managing to put a good deal of damage on Dutch after causing a collision with my surviving Academys. He tried to get away with one hull left, but Soontir threw himself in front of an asteroid to get the kill shot while the last remaining TIE managed to down the unshielded B. The rest of the game was a lot of tense maneuvers on both sides with the TIE plinking damage slowly off the Y-Wing while Soontir jousted the remaining Blue. Once the Blue was dead, Soontir and the TIE were able to gang up on the Gold and end things, but Soontir had to evade a lot of Ion shots to do it. Very tense game and a very rewarding win. (This was against another new guy to the shop named Brandon. Very good player that I'm looking forward to some rematches with)

My final game put me up against my friend Joey who was incredibly hungover from a night of heavy drinking and had to stop a couple of times during our game for vomit breaks. He ran a list that I helped him build with Soontir with PtL and Stealth, Jax with the same, Lorrir, and an Academy. My 99 points let me force him to take initiative and he deployed spread out accross the board with the Fighter in the middle, Jax and Lorrir on one extreme flank and Soontir on the other. I put my swarm in the middle and faced my Soontir off against his. First turn I banked all of my guys toward Soontir and left his fleet playing catch up with no shots for the first few turns. I wasn't able to stick any damage on Fel at this point, but I kept him on the defensive running away from the giant swarm and my Fel on his tail. Eventually he got the rest of his fleet caught up to me, but I had turned around and looped my Fel about to shoot up Jax, landing 2 damage on him and giving him the crit that would deal a third and final damage if he collided with anything. Unfortunately for him, TIE swarms tend to cause collisions pretty frequently and I ran everyone in front of him next round to give him nowhere to go. I also turned my Soontir back to focus attention on his, who had also turned toward my guys, but as he moved first I was able to work some Interceptor magic and get in his flank, landing two damage and letting my swarm finish him off. From there with his two Aces out of the way, it was just a matter of mopping up. (Poor hungover Joey)

I took home a Phantom and plan to use the store credit I got from running the tournament to grab a Defender when they come out! (Out of the eleven players, five were people I'd never met before so I'm hoping they all show up again!)

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