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Just moved to Astoria


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Hey everyone,

Mike ( aka Grumpus ) here.

I just moved up here to Astoria from central California and will be looking to roll some dice soon.

My main focus is getting a job right now, so after I secure a job, I'll be up for some gaming.

I have forces for all three eras and have a big collection of terrain.

I'm foremost an Allied player, but just got most of what I need for a Kampfgruppe Greabner, desperate measures armored company, Otto Carius and friends , and every StuG needed for a batterie ( with a jillion

Begleit riders to boot ) those are some great sculpts!

I Have a Desert Rats armoured squadron, a Massive Brit Para army, Indian/ Sikh company, an 8th army company, A ton of late war Brit infantry and Brit Shermans.

I just made up a beefy Nisei Company , I'm curious to see what changed in the new Italy Comp.

What gaming stores do the FoW players frequent?

Ok, just sayin hi and I'll be around to do some gaming later on!



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Welcome to the "region".  There are people scattered about northern Oregon that play. There are quite a few that play in groups outside of games stores though too. For Portland stores, I have run tournaments at Guardian Games if that is your thing; there are players at Bridgetown Hobbies and Unplugged Games is trying to get a group. There are also a couple stores in Salem that do FoW. It seems like it is mostly mid-war and late-war but some have early war companies wanting to see some action.


There is a tournament at NHMGS Enfilade convention each year. 


We also have a friendly team/store challenge type tournament between guys in Olympia and Portland with a trophy where best general gives up this CiC and it becomes part of the trophy.  If you don't have a "store/team" you can be drafted into an existing one. This happens in Sept/Oct each year.  Info on this will be posted on this forum in the coming months. It alternates location and this year is back in Olympia.

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Very cool, glad to hear that there is a FoW buzz around here.

I'm very much a tournament player, back in my native NORCAL FoW circuit...tournies were all the gaming I could fit in.

But I love playing at shops in friendly games and setting up a mega-battle every now and again.

My buddy Richard Barnes ( tantexto ) gave me this site link when I asked him about the FoW scene around Portland.

I really like the CiC trophy idea, very cool!

At least now I have some time to get painting again and try to open all my recent blisters and get everything undone....done.

On my way up I stopped at the Tillamook air museum, I got really inspired , they had a Focke wulf, a lightning an Oscar, a Dakota

Mustang , thunderbolt, Catalina...it was awesome. Any armor museums around?

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