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Sammy's Lizardmen Army


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I've started my first WFB army (Lizardmen). I wasn't feeling particularly creative, so I went with the standard Aztec base theme.


I made some molds for resin tile bases, masters were constructed from plaster and then cleaned up for final production. Here are some pics of the process. No paint yet, I need to do a lot of pinning, but I'm hoping to have many updates over this summer.


Design is carved out of plaster.



Tiles are scored for base sizes



Resin tiles are poured



Additional ruins tile options



Final masters are cleaned up with the resin tiles



Final molds and resin bases are cast. These cast the tile and base assembly as a single piece. The tile theme for these bases makes it a very friendly mold



More updates as this army comes together!

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Thanks for the kind words all. I was thinking about tiering the ranks (discussed previously in the WFB thread), but I'm not sure if I want to do that or not. The Lizardmen make it a challenge due to their tail overhang, and I don't know if I'm prepared to model a bunch of different bases for something I might end up hating. Here's a concept pic for reference, I'm still musing on it. The paint on the lizards isn't mine, so my army will have different colors. Not sure if I'm going original or studio scheme yet.



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That will have the end effect of making a unit of Saurus look so much more imposing, as well. I've only seen an army done with stepped basing once before, but the overall visual impact was very striking. I think it was a Lizardman army, and I think it was at a TSHFT some years ago. Or maybe it was Ben's Tomb Kings?

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I had a recommendation to tier the bases for the temple guard, which makes more sense. So I'll play around with the configuration with the slann and see if I like it.


On a related note, I was disappointed with the chameleon metals and found a ton of great conversions from skinks on the interweb. Here's a WIP:




Need the tail, and there's some additional shaping needed on the head, but I need to wait for the first to to cure

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The tiers are interesting but I'm way more intrigued by the notion of bases that fit together to form an ancient pavilion. Especially if you used some colors suggestive of painted terra cotta so that that the whole flat surface hung together as a single image. And more especially if the center was a large regiment or monster base. 


Either way, super concept. 

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I thought about making all of the tiles connect into a single design, but the advice I got at the time was that it's not worth it because you can't really see it when there are 30+ ranked up into a brick. Also, I've never played WFB before, so I wasn't really sure how many bases to a row I'd need.


I do plan to do some "filler" models with larger diorama aspects, honestly that's the most exciting part of WFB armies to me. So I'll definitely be experimenting with some height and other options on those.


I think you're right though, if the center was a single base the pattern might be more easily identified from above. I may see if I can find something I like and do another small batch.

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