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checking interest on mid-war Eastern Front themed tournament?


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So, I know someone will ask....


From the BF website regarding midwar monsters and nationals this year....

"So, in answer to your questions, Mid-War monsters are not to be used at this Historicon EXCEPT according the to official Return of the Monsters briefing here: http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=3757

The following Mid-war Monsters can be used in any Flames Of War tournament:

■ Any German company may replace all of its Schwere Panzer Platoons with Schwere Panzer (Porsche) Platoons, and replace all Tiger I E tanks in the Company HQ with Tiger (P) tanks at no cost.

■ You may field Dicker Max and Sturer Emil in an Experimental Tank-hunter Platoon in place of a Tank-hunter Platoon in Eastern Front.

■ You may field 8.8cm Flak18 Sfl in a Bunker Flak Platoon in Eastern Front.

■ You may field Panzer I F in an Infantry Tank Platoon in place of an Assault Tank Platoon in Eastern Front.

■ A Soviet force, excluding a Mixed Tankovy Batalon, may replace any or all of its Medium Tankovy Companies with Eksperimental Tankovy Companies. If it is a Tankovy Batalon it can purchase the Command tank in the Battalion HQ as a T-43 medium tank for 95 points.

These all have seen some, although limited, action."

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Yes, that is what 2014 mid-war Nationals is set at. I see 1485*, 1500*, 1550, 1625, 1650, 1750 being used on BF forums for mid-war (mw).  Asterisk ones seen most popular.




For the Kursk conversation, perhaps a new topic, so as to un-threadjack the current one?


For the original topic:  why 1,485?  Is this just an odd number to match the Nationals, or something else?

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Ooo, I haven't played FOW in a while either, but would be willing to play.  Unfortunately, the only Soviets I have are a few infantry and IS-2s, which won't work for mid-war unless I can proxy them as other tanks.  Maybe if I proxy my US para figures as soviet infantry I could bring something.

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