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Fall OBBL table top league at WOW *LIVE 9/11/2022*


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I’m considering running the next season of the Ordo Blood Bowl League out of the clubhouse this fall. It will be a fixed-schedule league for new teams, and any teams that have exclusively played in the OBBL last season. This is a no concession league, except when you are unable to field at least three players for the drive. Tuesdays will be game night, but it is not mandatory. You may schedule your games for any mutually agreed location, and at any day and time of the week, though Tuesdays at the clubhouse is preferred. No optional rules or optional inducements will be allowed. Please let me know if interested.

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If we have at least eight players signed up by 9/5/2022, we will begin play on 9/11/2022. Two games every three weeks, no concessions except when you cannot field at least three players for a drive, and all players are expected to use the scheduler. I will not be wrangling cats this season, and I won't be following up with people to register. Games can, as always, be played at any venue, at any time. However, Game Night is often when most folks play, and that is Tuesdays at WOW. There is no universal communication tool, so plan on using this forum to schedule games. If I contact you to ask if your game has been scheduled, and you say not yet, you aren't upholding your responsibility as a coach.

  • Rounds one and two: 9/11 - 10/1
  • Rounds three and four: 10/2 - 10/22
  • Rounds five and six: 10/23 - 11/12
  • Rounds seven and eight: 11/13 - 12/3
  • Rounds nine and ten (if needed): 12/4 - 12/31
  • Round eleven: 1/1 - 1/7
  • Playoffs to follow
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We have four teams signed up so far, but I’d like to see more teams and coaches making their intentions known for the fall league. The deadline for registration is 9/5/2022. This season, there will be a $20 league fee which is going towards efforts to purchase Ordo neoprene pitches. An item will be available in the Ordo store soon. These league fees are in addition to nightly Game Night fees.

I am looking for an assistant commissioner to help keep coaches on track and follow up on games that need to be played. If you are very communicative and like to be the bad guy, please lmk.

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17 minutes ago, sbr said:

That sounds like fun, even if I wasn't pinged.   I'd be in

It’s fantastic to hear from you, Steve! Sorry I didn’t tag you, I thought maybe you weren’t into Blood Bowl any more. I’m glad I am wrong. If you want to play, and I hope you do, please register a team on Tourplay (our new league management software): 


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Yes! We have the minimum eight people I wanted in order to have a league this season. If you are interested in playing, I encourage you to get your team made prior to September 5, 2022. That is the deadline for team registration. Pod one of our schedule will begin on September 11th, 2022, with our first game night being on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. 

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All entries need to be made by tomorrow evening at midnight. The draw will be made on Tuesday, with pod one games (round one and two) to begin on Sunday 9/11, and first league night will be Tuesday 9/13 at Western Oregon Wargamers.

@kb10r @Amado @Swensos83 @Rory @Giandroid @Burk @jollyork @sbr @PianoDan

Reminder, mandatory league dues are being collected this season. Please purchase your league dues at your soonest convenience:


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@sbr @Giandroid @PianoDan @Rory 

FYI, I noticed you all chose 1 for Dedicated Fans. You don't have to change anything but I want you to know if case you didn't, or forgot, that Dedicated Fans are very important in BBSSE, way more so BB16. It is very hard to generate money in BBSSE with a low DF value, except if you're scoring lots of TD's. If you want to adjust your roster, please try to do so ASAP and I let me know if you need me to do anything to help.

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  • Weav changed the title to Fall OBBL table top league at WOW *LIVE 9/11/2022*

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