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The March of Progress an OFCC Empire List

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Hello everyone!


I've been playing the the below Empire List for a while and wanted to know if it was an acceptable OFCC list. The List is centered around a converted War Altar ( built out of Steam Tank Parts) and Demi-Griffs ( Built out of Penitent Engines). Its a Harder List, though it forgoes shooting almost entirely, and I wanted an Idea of how it would be received if I showed up with it. I've also got a Wood Elf List (With a Forest Dragon!) that would be my other option.    


Engineering Guild's First Experimental Squadron (Hobart's Funnies) 



Engineer-General Horbart Percival and the Steam Platform Incomparable:

Arch Lector:  Heavy Armour, The White Cloak of Ulric, Charmed Shield,  Fencer's Blades

    War Altar of Sigmar: Horn Of Sigsmund 


Engineer-Artillerist Alan Brooke
Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Light, Warhorse, Dispell Scroll


Engineer-Artillerist Monty Petard 

Level 2 Wizard, Lore of Light, Warhorse


Engineer-Captain Stanely Cleghorn: 

Captain of the Empire: Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate, Sheild, Lance,

Barded Warhorse, Dawn Stone 


Riekscaptain Timothy "Tim" Brooke, Chosen of Sigmar:
Captain of the Empire, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Pegasus        
Van Horstmann's Speculum, Dragonhelm




The Old Contemptibles (1st Heavy Cavalry Regiment) :

12 Knights of the Inner Circle, Full Command 


The Young Bloods (2nd Heavy Cavalry Regiment)

3 X 5 Knights, Standards and Musicians 




MK1 Steam Griffion Cavalry:

3 Demi Griffion Knights, Musician


MK1 Steam Griffion Cavalry:

3 Demi Griffion Knights, Musician  


Imperial Observers:

10 Reiksguard Knights, Full Command 



Steam Tank Indomitable

Steam Tank Inflexible


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Two Steam Tanks, zero Infantry blocks, 1+ armor everywhere. The concept of Steam demigryphs build out of penitent engine parts sounds FREAKING AWESOME.  The list, however, seems very susceptible to up to a R/P/S problem.  You will absolutely, utterly steamroll certain types of lists, and will get run over by others.  Ask yourself the question:  If my opponent set this up across the board from me, would I look forward to playing it? Would both sides of the table enjoy the time spent in game?

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I love your theme and would like to see it in person, but I agree with Exile.  For this event, could you pare it back to one Steamtank and maybe a big unit of either Reiksgaurd or Inner Circle (or drop down to smaller units).  Could you squeeze in some pistoliers or outriders?  Don't want to step on the feet of your vision but that might soften it up a bit.


Also, no engineers?  A robohorse seems fitting, at least from what I'm reading above.


Great job!  Love the creativity!

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