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That is a very good question. I very recently got a new job and I am not sure if I can make it. I can however drop off score sheets as well as the bonus points descriptions if someone wants to make sure everything gets filled out and leave it in the locker for me to pick up later.

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Do to my new job my availability on weekends has gone down considerably. I will be trying to make GN but it does not look likely for me. If someone is willing to help out I can keep the ladder league going. I need someone who is willing to distribute and collect scores for me. I will put new score sheets as well as a list of the bonus points in a folder at WOW. If Eric would be willing to take it out and put it in the locker and someone else make sure the sheets get filled out I can collect them and update everything. Sadly I think I am going to be missing GN for the foreseeable future.


Anyone willing to help out?

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