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Is OFCC over?


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Let's face it, last couple years have been rough. Big public gatherings were a no-no and are still a little scary to some. It's a big hassle, ain't cheap, noisy, hectic and...I love it. I miss it horribly. Any plans for restarting my favorite (and only) yearly tourney event on 2023?


I may be a grown man but I'm not above throwing myself on the ground for a tantrum and holding my breath. Please don't make me, it's ugly and demeaning.


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OFCC Dead? Not a chance!


The club is surviving, still has club space, all the terrain, tables, etc. Even if we have to do a smaller venue, SOMETHING will renew. However, that's me just knowing the senate doesn't want it to sink. OFCC this year? Yeah, not likely. Getting it back to where it was might be a challenge for the next few years, but not too far off. I'm hoping we can discuss these things in the next few senate meetings.


Help me OFCC, you're my only hope! 🤓

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I think the big question is this - Are there enough volunteers to make OFCC happen? Right now, the OF senate is about one-third the size it was back in 2019. Most of the Senate is currently occupied with simply ensuring that Game Nights and tournaments are still happening at our clubhouse. The next OFCC might not be big as the previous one, but if we can get a sufficient amount of volunteers to help out and organize, I think we can definitely make something happen. 😎

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On 8/17/2022 at 3:37 PM, Justjokin said:

My first OFCC (Edit: Spectator!) experience as captured on a potato: 


(Just a video of the game hall could this really be 2011?)

Legendary!  Good times.  


I for one would volunteer to help get OFCC back to what it was. I am a bit north, but I would be willing to help in what ever capacity is needed.

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Not to poke an old thread, but I ran across this while getting organized to move.

This dice bag represents years of fond memories of Ordo and the OFCC. If you have a chance to attend, do it! If you're not sure you can attend, put in the work to clear your schedule - it will be worth it.


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Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (OFCC) August 4th - 6th, 2023

I read the subject and was wait.... what?


Thanks for sharing! Those "FO" pins are some of the things that I am so thankful to have received in my life. Felt great giving them out too, every... single... time.

Love that OFCC Experience. 



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