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Glass Display Case ideas


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Hello there,


My apologies if this is in the wrong area, but I figured that this was the closest area to post in.


I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts, experiences, suggestions, etc. on glass display case ideas for 40k armies to be stored in / displayed from. 


Thankfully I have the ability to incorporate them wherever, so space isn't as much of an issue.  If it's a high school trophy case-sized display case, I can make it work.  If it's multiple tower cases, I can make that work.


Instead of remodeling the "dork den" and having to change it up later I figured I'd ask the community for a more permanent solution rather than the rows and rows of wall shelves I've installed and will most likely take down in the future.


Any constructive input is appreciated.  I understand that they're not cheap; that's okay because generally quality and / or craftsmanship isn't.


Stay safe and thanks in advance,



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Hello there,


Thanks for the ideas thus far... I'm continuing to explore.


So far I'm leaning towards a longer, horizontal type display: 




But I'm not liking the tinier shelves inside the case.  Hmmm.


Stay safe,



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