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Colossus Cannot Fire Directly?


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The Colossus (now Forgeworld rules) has a range of 24" - 240" but "Cannot Fire Directly".  With the new 7th Ed rules does this mean:


1. it cannot ever get its BS skill subtracted from scatter dice

2. it cannot fire under 24"


Or something else I don't get?  Thx.

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It is BOTH.  

Here are the barrage rules:




Barrage weapons lob shells high into the air, landing them in the midst of the foe.
All Barrage weapons use blast markers and consequently use the rules for Blast weapons, as indicated by their profile, with the following exceptions:
Barrage weapons can fire indirectly. This means they can fire at a target that they do not have line of sight to, as long as the target is beyond their minimum range (if applicable). When firing indirectly, the Ballistic Skill of the firer is not subtracted from the scatter distance; unless a Hit! is rolled on the scatter dice, the blast marker always scatters a full 2D6". If a Barrage weapon has line of sight to its target it can fire directly, even if the target is within its minimum range.
To determine whether a unit wounded by a Barrage weapon is allowed a cover save, and when determining Wound allocation, always assume the shot is coming from the centre of the blast marker, instead of from the firing model. Hits against vehicles are always resolved against their side armour.


So, critically, barrage weapons follow the rules for blast weapons but CAN fire indirect.  The changes for indirect fire now mean that even if one can draw LOS to the target, they still don't reduce BS, so, you will never be reducing your BS with a colossus.  Additionally, since the colossus cannot fire directly, it can never target anything within it's minimum range.  

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