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Wow didn't realize the size difference!


Yeah, I was expecting it to be a conversion kit, like Mk V Dreads or Tanks.  Impressive.  Most Impressive.


The old epic lancer was a quadruped.


Evolution is an amazing thing, I'm thankful everyday for it.


Wow the rule that you cant have more lancers than other knights. so only going to see them in unbound armys.


You can take a single one as a LoW for Imperial Armies  OR  You can take 1 for every "Standard" Knight taken in an Imperial Knight Army, adhering to the IK Force Org, which I believe limits to 6 Knights, someone correct me if I'm wrong.  So you could take 3 Cerastus' and 3 Knights from the Codex, points allowing.


I think the regular Knight Titan is amazing and Forge World usually blows G'dub models out of the water.

In this case, not so much. Meh


I don't think it's the best model FW has ever produced, but it certainly isn't the worse.  I think it's a nice compliment.  It appears to be about the same size as a Warhound, but being combat orientated and "based" on the Knight Chassis.  


I could see running 2 of them with 2-4 Knights.  It'd be a pretty sweet, albeit expensive, force.  

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Based on the size of this thing and it still being a knight chassis I'm totally using my dreamforge leviathan crusader models using knight rules. I actually wrote up some stuff for a different style knight list based more on roman gladiator house, or ludis. I'll start a different post if there is interest. I ran it by the guy that I'm gonna play apoc with soon and he was impressed. I like them, and wanted to be able to use any and all of the weapon options I got. Also I made some rules for a daemon version that would be battle brothers with Chaos Marines, and daemons.


Link to the models...http://dreamforge-games.com/collections/leviathans

I'd be using the 28mm "scale" one the 15 is about dread knight sized.

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