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any experience with a Khalida gun line?

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Recently I started taking a good long look at the Tomb Kings and I was looking for a strategy that works well with my way of thinking, essentially being very defensive and slowing down my opponent, and I ran into Queen Khalida. The though I had was, keep in mind this was after a lot of gin, putting her in a unit of 40-60 archers, a casket of souls, and a Crap ton of buried units to attack the rear as I sit there and pincushion my opponents to death as they spend a couple turns trying to get to me. Any thoughts? Has anyone tried anything similar?

Thank you for your input and constructive criticism.

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I find chariots to be the trickiest thing in the book. Its really hard to use them efectivley and not just end up bleeding points. However it might provide a good counter punch if your enemy gets to close to the khalida block.


I don't think EBTS works very well with a defensive Khalida block. The EBTS units will end up all alone on the other side of table. Giving your opponent an easy points grab.


I would reccomend a hierotitan and a couple lvl 2 death mages. They will get Khalidas ld 10 for spirit leech and th hierotitan will make them a lvl 4 cast on avg. This will prevent you from wasting your shots on fast single models such as daemon princes and dragons. 2 spirit leeches and a casket each turn is pretty brutal.

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