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Anyone used toothpaste as a chipping medium?

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Do you have a link to the article? Toothpaste is a super mild abrasive, which is why you can use it to "polish" scratches in CDs out and stuff right? I think I don't really understand the core concept of this technique though, I'm not sure if the idea is to weather by rubbing off paint with the toothpaste or if there's supposed to be some sort of chemical reaction with the toothpaste that causes a weathering effect. 

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gotcha, so it's like the salt in the hairspray/salt method?


Personally, I find those mediums an unnecessary step vs just softening the paint and then rubbing or "chipping" away to get to your rust layer. I'm sure it works though, seems like the toothpaste is just an easy material to dissolve away.


I still prefer the KISS method of:


1) basecoat rust color

2) seal with hairspray or gloss coat

3) paint desired color/highlights

4) rub and chip away to get to the rust layer where desired


Please let us know how it works out though, it sounds intriguing. I will concede that you can get different wear patterns if you apply the salt to the above list of steps.

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