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10/6 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night at W.O.W. Thursday 4pm - 9pm

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Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs. Cost to play games is $8 for Ordo Members, $3 for Ordo Warlord Champions, and FREE for Emperors! As always, your first Game Night is FREE! 


If you're looking to game we will be here. Opting to lay low? Stay home and stay safe, we'll catch you next time.


Games we play: All, with focus on Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, Bloodbowl, Necromunda, board games and more.

While it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to pre-arrange a game before coming downNew players are always welcome, feel free to stop by and check it out.


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us we don’t need more stress in our lives. As a result, Ordo is expecting an even greater level of friendliness and fellowship at Game Night than our normal high expectations. Please be aware that as always, the Czar has the ability to ask a player to leave if the Czar feels it necessary. Games are meant to be enjoyed, so let’s have fun.

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2 hours ago, Kevin the Wizard said:

White Scars will be there at 5. 

In the white scars lore it plays them as deadly, sneaky hunters on motorcycles....but I can hear a motorcycle in real life from half a mile away. Maybe that's why I've been on a loosing streak 🤷‍♂️


Maybe there electric motorcycles? 

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Just dropping this here. Finally havent had a fever in 24 hours, barely got to 98.7 today, and that is higher for me but it shows im getting over it. I doubt I could make it to this game as I will no doubt be contagious still. I wish you all luck in the crusade and hope to join soon 🙂

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13 hours ago, Kevin the Wizard said:

I'm also without a partner, anyone up to see me lose again? This time will be less bikes but the Khan will be there

I'm down for a rematch and to gush over terrain.  Maybe even finish a game!

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