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Feelings on Fleshhounds?

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Whatever you do don't ambush them! It's an upgrade that's never worth it. Flesh hounds are MV 8 so are fast enough to move around the flanks anyways and with ambush they MIGHT come on turn 2 but they might not. Even if they do come out turn 2 they can't charge and only move 8 so they finally can charge turn 3 is your best case scenario.


I rather have the option to charge turn 1 or 2 and threaten people from the hop then maybe turn 3.

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I like ambush as well. I would take a single unit of 5 and be happy with them coming in on a flank or rear to threaten a bunker or WMs. Many armies have points just sitting in their backfield that flesh hounds are designed to mop up.  Any type of BS shooters, WM, Mage bunkers all would be disrupted by 5 flesh hounds, if not beaten with a flubbed fear test or break test.  I think ambush is totally worth the points, but I do think its something you dont want to over invest in, a single unit should be fine in ambush while any others could be deployed on hard flanks. 

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