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Tyranids for OFCC

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I have only had a chance to read the rules for 7th, no gaming experience yet.  So this is the list I was thinking of bringing.  I think it should cover the bases decently, but if people have suggestions I am open to consider them.


1 Flyrant w/ 2x TL Dev

1 Flyrant w/ 2x TL Dev






15 Tgants

3 warriors w/ barbed strangler

15 Tgants


1 Crone

1 Crone


2 Fex w/ 2x TL Dev

1 Tyranofex


Living Artillery Node

3 warriors w/ BS

3 biovores

1 Exocrine


I am already thinking of dropping one of the crones for a harpy and adding electroshock grubs to the flyrants.

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