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I was only joking last night, but.....

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That one sounds a lot like a rumor-monger grasping at straws to me. The fantasy writers have added that "but not if they march" or "even if they march" to many special shooting attacks for years, it doesn't suggest any change.


Moreover, it would render all move-or-shoot weapons woefully over-costed and for no particular reason. All 3 elf armies are pretty damn good as-is. Changing a rule that would benefit them far more than any other armies would be really arbitrary.


I call malarky!

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I don't give this rumor any real credit. That said, I have heard over and over again that either the end of this year or beginning of next will see the release of 9th edition. I am interested to see what they will do though I know in my heart that GW will take a beautiful if not slightly flawed creation and beat the ever living [big bad swear word] out of it with its mighty money hammer crackling with the energy of a million shattered nerd souls.

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