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HeroClix worth it for kiddos?

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My nephew was trying to talk me into HeroClix. I know nothing about it, and would love to know some opinions.


First: I'd be getting it for both nephews, my son, and likely myself, so we could play as needed.


- Is this game easy enough for a 6 year old? He plays X-wing ok....

- If I just buy 4 starter packs, is that enough? What else MUST I have. Kind of looking to keep this cheap.

- I noticed all sorts of weird packs ranging from DC and Marvel, to movie sets, etc. They are all meant to play against each other and fully interchangeable? Like there's no one who looks down on me if I bring Lord of the Rings teams to a DC match, or what about mixing teams up?


Lastly, is it any good? What other alternatives would you recommend if Heroclix sucks?

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Hey DT, I have a bunch of old clix I will just give you and a couple maps so you can try before you plunk any money down. 


I would say as long as a kid is reading it should be easy enough. My girls can play it and they are 8 and 5. My three year old likes it if I let him play with some of the figures on another map. 

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