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Official OFCC Paint Procrastination Thread

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Alright everyone, how close are you cutting it to the wire this year?  We still have months to go, but I'm sure some of you still have huge amount of painting to do.   I'm no different, but I'm cranking out as much as I can with a full schedule.  To be ready, I have this much to go:


30 Gors 

10 Harpies

5 Centigors

2 Razorgor

1 Chariot


Great Shaman


2 Big Beasts for Transformation

6 Trolls

Ghorgon (Mostly complete)


A long list?  Yes.  Am I worried?  NEVER!   Everyone buckle down and get those brushes out, because I'm sure that I'm not the only one with a long way to go!

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I've been too busy not painting to post this thread, but I have thought about doing it....


I still have exactly the same number of models to build and paint now as I did when I came up with my list 8-9 months ago. Actually, now that I think about, it I have more as I decided to pick up and paint a new Hunter rather than upgrade the one I have mostly done. My list:


Build and paint:


4 Sabertusks

Stonehorn (still on the sprue :( )

20 Gnobbers


Conversion work on my Leadbelchers

Finish painting 20 Gnobbers

Highlight my characters, Ogres and Leadbelchers. And work on one of my Giants.


That's it I think. I hope.

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I have been cranking out a lot lately but still have a lot left.


Assemble and paint

.5 ungor raiders



.4 trolls

.gorebull bsb

.2 tuskgor chariots

.20 gor

.30 gor(refreshing/finishing old paint jobs)


.28 bestigor(current unit I am working on and about 2/3 done with)

.great bray shaman

.bray shaman(refresh old paint job)

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Hmm, lets see here...


-6 Maneaters (already basecoated)

-1 Sabertusk (also basecoated)


-1 Giant (need to purchase / assemble / paint)

-1 Gorger (^ditto)


Also need to make / magnetize 2 new movement trays, add static grass to the entire army, and figure out if I'm going to make a proper display board, or stick with / modify my "cork board with painted sand" that I threw together the night before last year.


Also: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Need to get some games in for sure.


Not super overwhelming, but I refuse to start on anything until finals are over next week.

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I have a longer list than normal, but I think it's acheivable. I'm bringing a mobile surgical hospital themed Empire army.


Build and paint 51 "walking wounded" halberdiers. Includes 6 2x2 unit fillers that will represent the centerpiece of the army; a surgical tent.

Paint 20 greatswords (with a 3x2 unit filler: a Count on a funeral liter)

Build and paint 25 "recovering wounded" swordsmen

Build and paint 10 "funeral mourners" free company

Build and paint 10 archers

Build and paint 5 horse ambulances, representing knights

Paint 4 knights (I might build new knights, as well).

Paint and finish building the Luminark (50% done with bulid)

Paint and finish building ambulance war alter (80% done with build) with Arch Lector

Paint Hurricanum

Paint 2 Witch Hunters, 2 Priests, Wizard

Build and paint Captain BSB

Paint Captain on pegasus

Finalize and paint movement trays

Create and paint movement tray

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Paint 29 "battle nuns" (Deamonettes of Slaanesh)

Paint 40 "Painbearers" (Plaguebearers of Nurgle)

Come up with a Khorne Cannon Conversion to order

Paint 3 "White wolves"  (bloodcrushers)

Paint 5 "White panthers (need a better name) (Flesh hounds of Khorne)

Come up with unit fillers and creative bases. 

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