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Space Marines for Sale! Cheap!


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I've decided I'm just not interested in playing 40K any more and am wanting to unload what Space Marines I have. 


I have the following for sale:


Dreadnought with Multimelta (built and primed white)

Sealed in box Assault Terminators, 

Two Space Marine Assault Squads (new on sprue)

10-man Tactical squad (built unprimed)

Chaplain (from the razorback/squad set, built and unprimed)

Command Squad (new on sprue)


I also have a set of Fantasy movement trays sealed in box, 

and a squad of Gretchin new on sprue. Plus a HUGE amount of bits!


Ideally I'd like to sell the whole lot for $140 but am open to offers. Will also consider musical instruments in trade. Thanks so much for looking! 

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