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First of all, any ordo's playing? My handle is BrotherGlacius on steam. Right now I'm playing mostly the psyker and zealot. For those that played vermintide, the game is similar in some regards, but they have made some nice improvements. There are now common weapon choices across the classes. Especially in the low levels. So everyone can have a lasgun if they want (which makes for an excellent sniper rifle). As you level up, you'll start to unlock class specific weapons. There are no chests after each level like vermintide. You get a certain amount of coin that you can then spent to buy stuff. I think the selection of what you can buy changes each time you level (as some gear is level dependent). Money is shared across all characters, so you don't specifically have to grind for each character which is nice. But there doesn't seem to be any selling of old gear nor breaking it down for parts just yet. But again, not the full game, so who knows.

The game is tough, the levels are huge, and sometimes it is not easy to know which way to go. Right now there are too many people trying to do speed runs to unlock levels, so grouping kind of sucks, as it doesn't allow for any exploration because just like in vermintide, if you get separated, then you are dead. Enjoying the game play though. They have introduced a slide action to help avoid enemy fire. You can get roasted pretty quick from enemy shooting. 

I like it. Can't wait for the full game.

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Quick update. I've gotten two characters up to level 10, which shouldn't be hard, but the game seems very unstable right now. I'm crashing all the time. Here's the rub, I'm on a brand new system. X670E motherboard, new ryzen 7700x cpu, 32gb ddr5 ram, radeon 6700xt vid card with 12gb gddr6, running on a samsung pro 980 nvme 2TB ssd, with a fresh install of windows 10 pro. All drivers are up to date. Oh, and I'm averaging 900+ mb/s thru my 2.5gb network card. And this is with several graphic features turned off in the game to smooth things out. Ugh. It is beta, so hopefully more fixes will come thru. To its credit, if you do crash or are disconnected, it will generally allow you to try to reconnect as long as the mission is still being played. I'd say I can reconnect about 90% of the time. But if you get the boot right at the end, most likely the mission will finish up before you get back in, resulting in a loss of rewards. That sucks.

Again though, it is a beta and I'm hopeful that things get fixed. The gameplay is good....A decent mixture of fun stuff and hair pulling frustration. Makes beating a level all the more satisfying.

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