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BAO Practice Game

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Hey All, North here.


I am looking for a game to practice for the BAO which I plan to attend in July.


Points are 1850, rule packet will be out soon.


If anyone is going or is wants to get some semi-competetive practice games in hit me up


I am planning to Play the following list ( roughly)




10x Tac Marines, rhino

10x Tac Marines, rhino

9x Tac Marines, rhino

10x sterngaurd drop pod

5x damned


10x assault marines

10x assault marines




raven guard tactics, didn't mention options but lots of melts, a few heavy guns, etc.


- Noah/ North



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Hey Noah,


I'll hook you up with a game. I'll need to tool my list to 1850 but expect it to be lots of Marines in pods, some dread support, and null deployment. Sentinels of terra with a mastery lvl 2 that rerolls psychic tests.


I've been tracking the Frontline style, so I'll follow suit for you.

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