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H: Marines, Catachans, Tau. W: Guard or $$$!


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I am selling some things to finance my Imperial Guard habit. I'm starting with items that should be fairly self-explanatory without pictures, and I'll work my way down to assembled items and oddities. For the stuff that's new in the box and reasonably modern, I am looking for 75% of retail. I am in the Portland area and have been known to loiter around WOW on Tuesdays. I'd prefer in-person exchanges, but shipping can be figured out if needed.

Edited 06/30/2014

Things I would trade for:
- Leman Russ turret weapons and sponsons (the fun ones, not heavy bolters)
- Sentinel Plasma Cannons
- Ministorum Priests
- Sanctioned Psykers

- Kasrkin

- "Inquisitorial" Storm Troopers (with the bug-eyed gas masks)

- Rhebok Tansports (Ramshackle Games Kickstarter)

- "Other" Imperial Guard items?


I've got:

== Tau, Still in the Box ==
Hammerhead Gunship
XV25 Stealth Armour
Kroot Carnivore Squad x2 (16 kroot per box)


== Imperial Guard, Still in the Box ===

Imperial Guard Chimera

MkIX Chimera (the old kit which actually had the road wheels under the tracks)

MkIV Demolisher (the old Leman Russ kit with all the road wheels under the tracks + metal weapons)

Cadian Sentinel x3 (the old Sentinel kit with metal autocannon and metal armored cockpit)
(Catachan Jungle Fighters x50, still on the sprues, though not actually in a box.)

== Blister Packs == (From the era when Scouts were all metal but Marines had plastic arms)
8001A Space Marines x2
8002E Imperial Space Marine Scouts (Bolt pistol, CCW)
8002G Marine Scout w/ Heavy Bolter
8004E Space Marine w/ Heavy Bolter x2
8004H Devastator w/ Multi-melta
8007F Terminator w/ Heavy Flamer

9504F Marine Scout Bikes (Three Scouts: bolter, shotgun, chainsword. Some bike stowage/packs. No actual bikes.)

== Metal Space Marine Scouts == (Some primed or base coated, some bare)
Sniper Rifle x12
Bolter x4
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW
Bolt Pistol, CCW x3 (Old ones with mohawks and decorative Elizabethan sleeves.)

If you're in to retro Scouts I have several of the old plastic mohawk and poofy sleeves guys.

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