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Tues 6/17


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Looking for a game of pretty much anything:


1) 40k - 7e tournament prep for NOVA. 1850. No Unbound Armies ;( ... playing to learn and for fun - NO BLOOD. .....unless it's for the Blood God Muahhhahahaha. <stops> No but seriously-fun is #1 - though I don't cry rage quit or whine

I'm Running Daemons. No Data Slates or Allies. Just plain 'ol Daemons. Base Warp Charges ~20ish.


2) BattleTech

3) War games (loosely defined) - Combat Commander, Golan Heights, Blood & Roses, Sekigahara, Command & Conquer - Napy series)

4) Anything Indines

5) Anything you feel like explaining the rules for.



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Brad - we on for our 2000 point Battle for Last Place?


Ack.  Nope.  I scheduled fightin' robots with Joey.  One more try next week?  How's the puppy?



Man I am gonna have to find another black sheep today....also completely unrelated hey Jon can I have some of your hair and a toenail?

I may not be the smartest tool in the onion cart, but I think it might be a trap, Jon.
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Ack.  Nope.  I scheduled fightin' robots with Joey.  One more try next week?  How's the puppy?


That's cool.  I think I'm playing Jim next week, but I'm sure he won't mind if we push that back.  So yeah, next week is good.


The puppy has been helping me build a fence and install a doggy door, so it's all been taking about twice as long as it should.  He's taking to housetraining pretty quickly though; he's only pooping inside at night (he's scared of the dark), so that's good.  But yeah, it's pretty much exactly like having a wild animal (complete with needle sharp fangs) living in your home.  He's a german shepard if I didn't mention it, so at 9 weeks he's already powerfully destructive.

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No worries intrizic,


I have time for one x-wing game today between 5-6:00 before I run off to a birthday party.


If someone's got that time free let me know what format and I'll have it set up to go at 5:00. If no ones free I'll be back next week and see y'all after wave 4 drops.


Kogre you can have first dibs if you want it

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