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Kill'um'bia Cup - Three Game Blood Bowl Tournament June 3rd 2023


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Kill'um'bia Cup

  • When: 6/3/2023
  • What: a three game Blood Bowl tournament using NAF World Cup 2023 rules
  • Where: Western Oregon Wargamers/Ordo Clubhouse
  • How (Much): $15, $10 for Ordo champions 

Kill'um'bia Cup is a standard Blood Bowl Second Season Edition resurrection tournament using the the 2023 NAF World Cup rules. Portland-area Blood Bowl icon Homer Coldcut, and his mischievous sidekick Beaverly Cleary are hosting the event in coordination with Ordo Bowl. 

The tournament pre-game sequence steps are:
1. Roll for Fan Factor
2. “Roll” for weather (or determined by Tourplay)
3. Determine (Roll/Flip) who kicks-off
Differences in Team Value are not considered, so the Prayers to Nuffle table is unused except for Cheering Fans kick-off results.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 8.39.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 8.41.55 AM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 8.42.04 AM.png


  • Kill'um'bia Cup Champion (most tournament points)
  • Best Defense (fewest TD’s allowed)
  • Best Offense (most TD’s scored)
  • Most Brutal (most casualties inflicted)

Jason Weaver (Weav) will administrate the event using Tourplay.net. Coaches are required to have a Tourplay account, and to register and create their teams using the site. Fully painted teams are not required, but highly encouraged. Cocked-dice rules should be discussed before the game begins. Dice sharing is allowed but is not required.

Players are required to bring:

  • Their clearly numbered and identified player models/miniatures
  • Skill bands to identify skills. The unofficial traditional colors are preferred; ie, blue for Block, green for Guard, white for Wrestle, etc…
  • Dice; only NAF or Games Workshop block dice are approved for use; no third-party block dice are allowed
  • Tokens for score, rerolls, turnovers and negative traits and more


All games are scheduled for two hours and fifteen minutes. No lunch break will be included, so plan accordingly.

  • Registration: 9am
  • Game One: 9:30am
  • Game Two: 12:30pm
  • Game Three: 3pm
  • Awards: 5:30pm


  • Are we using the most recent Games Workshop Blood Bowl FAQ and Errata? Yes



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A quick reminder that a coach must pay for entry in the Ordo store to be considered active for the Kill’um’bia Cup. Just registering on Tourplay is not enough to secure your spot. I will be following up with coaches this weekend to get their registrations finalized. Registrations will close this Thursday. 

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