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I’ve decided to focus on Skorne, so I’m putting these up for trade or sale. I’d prefer to do it as a lot, of course, but I’m willing to part it out. Everything is painted unless otherwise noted.

I’m listing these at around 50% list; if someone wants the whole thing in one go, they can have the Cygnar for $200 and/or the Mercenaries for $195. 

No shipping, but I can deliver to anywhere in the Portland metro area or I can make it down to Salem.

What I want: 
Cash, at the listed prices below (or as lot above)
Trade. For new in box, I’ll trade for 66% the list price; otherwise, I’ll trade at 50% the list price.
Minions models:Gatorman Posse, Farrow Bone Grinders, Farrow Slaughterhousers, Bog Trog Shamblers
Skorne models: Praetorian Karax, Cataphract Cetrati or Arcuarii, Praetorian Ferox, Mammoth, Venator Reivers, Venator Catapults, Bronzeback Titan
Firestorm Armada: Dindrenzi or Tarakian ships

Caine 1 6
Stryker 1 6

Storm Blades + UA + 3 WA 30
Long Gunners + UA 30

Battle Engine
Storm Strider (painted but needs re-assembly); includes foam tray 50

Lancer 10
Charger x2 10 per
Hunter x2 10 per
Sentinel 10
Minuteman (one new in blister, one painted with a detached arm) 10 per
Ironclad 17
Firefly 10

Stormsmith x3 10
Gun Mage Captain Adept 5
Jonas Murdoch 6

Nomad 17
Vanguard 12

pAlexia & 20 Risen (unpainted) 35
Aiyanna and Holt 10
Horgenhold Forge Guard 30
Nyss (unpainted) 30

Ragman 5
pEiryss 5
eEiryss 9
Madelyn Corbeau 5
Sylys Wyshnalyrr 5
eAlexia (unpainted) 15
3 Thrall Warriors 5 per
Anastasia diBray 5
Dirty Meg 5
Gorman di Wulfe 5
Harlan Versh 5
Dougal MacNaile 5
Reinholdt 5
Rhupert 5
Rutger Shaw 5
Lanyssa Ryssyl 5
Viktor Pendrake (unpainted) 5
Viktor Pendrake (painted) 5

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