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OFCC 2023 Friday event - Warhammer: Underworlds

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Warhammer Underworlds event info

Ordo Fanaticus, the Pacific Northwest's premier gaming club, is pleased to bring you a Warhammer Underworlds tournament on the Friday evening (August 4th) before 2023 OFCC weekend. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and test your abilities as you compete against other players in an exciting competition!
Here are the event details (this post may be amended as more information becomes available).

Event Organizer: callidusx3 aka Henry Rodriguez
Number of Players (min/max): 4-12

Event Style: Singles - Matched Play 

# of Rounds: Three - Best of Three

Duration of Rounds: 2 hours

Start time: 5pm

Ticket Price: $10 

Missions and Scenarios: This will be a Nemesis format W:U event. Please see attachment for further info on Deck-Building, Boards, etc.

Tools of War: 2 game boards, dice, tokens, custom Objective and Power decks, and player's choice of warband

Awards: First Place
    Favorite Opponent
    Best Painted

Prizes: Glass Trophy for First Place
    additional prizes for other categories (TBD), as well as for participation.


Tickets for this event can be found here:


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