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Useful Link: WHFB Online Rules Index

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Found a really useful website for anyone interested in Oldhammer: Warhammer Fantasy Online Rules Index Project

Online archive of the rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battle’s 8th, 7th, and 6th Editions, with work-in-progress to add 5th and 4th Editions, and a fan-made “9th Edition.”

So far I’ve only been poking around in the 6th Edition part of the site, but it looks pretty much complete.

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@TheBeninator and another guy, whose name I promptly forgot nanoseconds after he told it to me, were playing a small game of WHFB 6th last night. Seeing that was what reminded me to share this link.

I’m still a huge Oathmark fanboy, but WHFB was the first miniatures wargame I ever played and will always have a place in my black, shriveled heart.

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On 5/14/2023 at 3:25 PM, Nellie said:

Nice find! I'd be keen to jump in and play a bit of 6e (or 7e corebook with 6e army books) if there's enough local interest.

7e core book with 6e army books is the way!


I've been playing this for a few years. It's a ton of fun. Shame I can only find one person to play with, lol.


We'll be playing a WHFB game on Friday of OFCC this year, any Fantasy players should come say hi!

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