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CookieCat's Painting Log (feat. Battletech)

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I like to post pics of minis online at least partially as an incentive to paint regularly, so I figured I'd start a single thread rather than making new topics every time I have some new content. My current project is painting a Battletech Clan Hell's Horses Alpha Galaxy force. I think I'm going for a full binary of mechs, vees, and BA, with a focus on fast units. I might do an Executioner as Star Captain, but I think I'm going to be focusing on fast mediums and heavies. To start off, I'm posting a side-by-side of a Grendel and Epona both WIP and their final form. I'm fairly happy with my results, though I didn't do the jeweling on the lasers and canopy as nice as I'd like, and I need to do something with the base on the Epona. Ideally I'd get a proper hex base for it, but I don't have any spares lying around.





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I finished this paint job today. I feel like I need to start working with thinner paints. Also I spend a *lot* of time on each mini layering different shades of each color, and IMO the results that are not worth the time investment. I feel like I should look up some tutorials on how to do legit glazing techniques, or just give up and wash and drybrush everything. I also didn't do the cockpit jeweling on this one because it felt too recessed and too small. While I like the new art for these mechs quite a bit, I kinda miss the old huge cockpits that were easy to paint.






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I feel like I should have spent a lot more time cleaning up mold lines on this one, but a lot of them feel pretty inaccessible for easy clean-up with an exacto knife. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with the mold lines on these sculpts?

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On 6/30/2023 at 10:10 AM, Brother Glacius said:

That is an interesting take on basing the model. I can honestly say I've never seen someone paint the cardboard playmat art style on the base as opposed to doing realistic terrain basing.

I was actually going for sand dunes, but I can see that too!

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I decided my Executioner didn't look finished without some detail on the head, so I added some "face paint" and tried to give the tiny cockpit windows a bit of an amber glow.



And then next up on the work bench are an Adder and Nova. I thinned the primer a bit more for these minis and I think the results show in a more even and consistent primer coat, so I'm pretty happy with that. Next will be applying a thinned black wash over the entire mini to add contrast.



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