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Space Wolf Rumors (from Storm Claw)

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Add Taurox "wheels" to it?  Or even better, just one wheel.  Like a uni-Wolf-chari-cycle.  

Fifth edition called; They want their joke back. :(

Yeah, definitely going to need to add some Blood Claws. So glad my new job pays me better than my last one :)

Yeah, that's what I was really thinking of doing. Half a dozen DS Lone Wolves and half a dozen or so Pods, with some mix of Dreads, Grey Hunters, and Wolf Guard. Maybe start some TWC and Fenwolves on the ground, just get everything up in their face as fast as possible. I'm really starting to like that approach, after 17 years of playing almost exclusively shooty :D

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a note on TWC:

I've modeled the rider off the wolf and removeable from the base, that way you can change up the load out on the TWC by using regular GH and such, plus it looks rather cinematic.

That sounds kinds cool! So like a fighting team rather than Cavalry?




Nothing is painted of course :D


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I almost want to buy two of those, sell the grimnar out of one, and use the rest of the bits to make the longboat enclosed and longer and use the TWC for TWC instead.

Right now for me, I'm thinking buy one and another box of TWC, swap two of the Wolves from the TWC in to pull the Chariot, and use the Wolves from the Chariot to add extra variety to my TWC. Pretty sure I'm going to want more TWC anyhow, and at the very least I want to make an Iron Priest on TW to add in there.


Or maybe just do the swap with Goats that I was thinking of and not bother with another box of TWC just yet.


@Jayne_Cobb: There was a rumour going around that regular Wolf Lords could get a Chariot like that, too. Is that so?

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No, no chariot for Lords.

Bummer. I was looking forward to doing up a bunch of those for different Norse Gods. Maybe next Dex.


Time to start looking for goat toys about the same size as ThunderWolves, I guess. I really do want to do that Thor version. I figure if he's got a Thunder Hammer and a Frost Blade modeled, that will sort of approximate the profiles Logan can get from his Axe, and well, since it's on the Chariot, there's no one else it can be.

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