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Any black powder players in Portland?

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Thanks for playing Black Powder yesterday. I didn't realize how fun it is! If you're looking for someone to play any historical games I'm super interested. I love historical gaming and definitely can play anything you have. Just let me know and I can get the rules for whatever system you're using. Once I get the AWI supplement would you be interested in giving it a go again?

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Yes, earlier this year I picked up these Perry Miniatures 28mm figs recently. Granted, they are all still NIB.

D 46 Continental Army Deal – 12 plastic sets (456 figures), 1 command pack, 2 packs of Dragoons, 3 artillery packs, 1 pack of riflemen.

D 42 British Army Deal – 12 plastic sets ( 432 figures, 24 casualties), 1 mounted command pack, 3 Artillery packs, 2 packs of 17th Lt. Dragoons, 1 pack of Hessian jaegers.



Thats a bummer. Are you planning on building a AWI 28mm army?

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