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Ordo Fanaticus Warhammer 40K Open 2014


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Thank you all for your patience as I have put together the below.

As you will see, I have borrowed heavily from BAO and NOVA regarding design elements of how the 40K Open will be run this year.  That being said there are differences in the composition, so please read carefully.




WHEN: Friday September 26th, 2014



3 Game Tournament - 2.5 Hours Per Round

1850 Pt Armies



Maximum TWO Detachments, ONE of which MUST be CAD

Your second detachment may be any of the current Detachments found in the 40K Rulebooks and Supplements up to the releases of Grey Knights and the Assassin Dataslate.


0-1 Fortification may be taken total from the following list(regardless of army composition, maximum of 1 fortification may be taken)

Aegis Defense Line, Fortress of Redemption, Imperial Bastion, Promethium Relay Pipes ,Skyshield Landing Pad, Void Shield Generator, Firestorm Redoubt, and Vengeance Weapons Batteries


Forge World Units and Lists are Allowed

Lords of War - Are NOT allowed except for CODEX Special Character Lords of War Choices (at time of this writing, this only includes Ghazkull, Logan Grimnar, and Draigo).


All models must be WYSIWYG

All models must be painted (3 color minimum) and based (bases should be painted with texture or basing material added)



Victory Conditions are scored per mission.  Missions one and two have Primary and Secondary, Mission three has a Tertiary as well.

Primary - The score is determined by who wins the primary mission objective.

Secondary - Both players score the points gained for Secondary

Tertiary (Mission 3 only) - The player who scores more Maelstrom points wins the points for the Tertiary (4)




MISSION: Crusade (pg. 142)

DEPLOYMENT ZONE: Vanguard Strike (pg. 131)


Primary - Winner receives 5 points, Tie 1 point, Loss 0 points

Secondary Points- Slay the Warlord (2), First Blood (1) and LineBreaker (1) Warlord Survives (1)

Warlord Survives - As read, if your warlord survives this engagement (is alive at the end of the game) you receive 1 Pt in the Secondary Points.


SCORING:  Primary (Circle One - 5 , 1 , 0 ), Secondary ( Enter Amount __     ) - Maximum 10 Points - FINAL SCORE ____




MISSION: Big Guns and Fast Ships Never Tire (pg. 145)

Special Rules - Follow all rules as listed in Big Guns Never Tire, but for the sake of this mission, the Primary Objective is modified.

Instead of receiving 1 additional victory point for each Heavy Support Unit destroyed, you receive 1 additional victory point for each Heavy Support Unit AND Fast unit destroyed during the game.

DEPLOYMENT ZONE: Hammer and Anvil (pg. 131)



Primary - Winner receives 5 points, Tie 1 point, Loss 0 points

Secondary Points- Slay the Warlord (1), First Blood (1) and LineBreaker (1)


SCORING:  Primary (Circle One - 5 , 1 , 0 ), Secondary ( Enter Amount  __     ) - Maximum 8 Points - FINAL SCORE ____




MISSION: Purge the Alien (pg. 143)

DEPLOYMENT ZONE: Dawn of War (pg. 131)

Special Rules: All rules for Purge the Alien are used, with the addition of the below Tertiary Maelstrom Objectives.

Starting with the second GAME TURN, at the beginning of each PLAYER TURN, the player whose turn it is will roll twice on the below table (reroll duplicates). Make note of these rolls.  At the end of each PLAYER TURN the player earns 1 pt. per Maelstrom Objective below.  The player with the most Tertiary pts at the end of the game wins the Tertiary Victory Condition Points(4).



Primary - Winner receives 5 points, Tie 1 point, Loss 0 points

Secondary Points- Slay the Warlord (1), First Blood (1) and LineBreaker (1)

Tertiary Points (see above) - 4 points


Maelstrom CHART

1.  Assassinate - Score 1 point if at least one enemy character was removed as a casualty during your turn.

2.  Behind Enemy Lines - Score 1 point if one of your scoring units is within 12” of the opponent’s table edge at the end of your turn.

3.  Overwhelming Firepower - Score 1 point if an enemy unit was completely destroyed during your shooting phase.

4.  Blood and Guts - Score 1 point if an enemy unit was completely destroyed during your assault phase.

5.  Hungry for Glory - Score 1 point if you issued a challenge during your turn.

6.  Kingslayer - Score 2 points if during your turn your opponent’s warlord has been removed as a casualty.  If you have already achieved this, use Assassinate above.


SCORING:  Primary (Circle One - 5 , 1 , 0 ), Secondary ( Enter Amount __   ) , Tertiary ( Circle One - 4 , 0  ) - Maximum 12 Points- FINAL SCORE ____

More information shall follow regarding Painting and Sports Scoring...Thank you.



Q:  Can you score multiple "Maelstrom" objectives off of one event/action?

A:  Yes.  i.e. as these are conditions you are meeting.  So, as an example, if you rolled a 4 and 6, and during your assault phase you killed the enemy Warlord, you would achieve both conditions, thus gaining 2 Maelstrom points from that one "event".


Q:  When are lists due, and where do we send them?

A:  Lists are due day of Tourney and will be reviewed upon check in for legality.  Please be sure to bring all pertinent rules with you, and an extra army list for registration.


Q:  Same faction allies allowed?

A:  Yes, Same faction allies allowed.


Q:  Will the 40K Open be part of the ITC?

A:  Yes, we have joined this to the ITC




For a full download of the 40K Open Packet, please follow this link

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I kinda hope not. BAO changed a lot of the rules for reasons that don't really seem to be apparent at all. Some of them make sense, of course, but I was not terribly happy to find a bunch of "surprises" in there right before the tournament that drastically altered the way certain units functioned.

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So here's what I think are the most relevant questions to be answering. A lot of the stuff from BAO is either unnecessary (the rules already answer the question, the FAQ just points out the correct answer) or rules changes (i.e. overwriting existing rules) and thus probably not needed in a FAQ. However, there is a bunch of stuff in there that you could take a page from.




Does a Necron Overlord retain his Independent Character status when he becomes the rider of a Command Barge?


Can a Necron Overlord benefit from the Jink save of his Command Barge if the hits are allocated to him? Can the Command Barge benefit from his 3+ invulnerable save from a Phase Shifter if the hits are allocated to it?


Can "shooting" abilities which require Line of Sight, (I've Been Expecting You, Mind in the Machine, Master of Mechanisms) be used while inside a transport, assuming it has fire points or is open-topped?


Can a character with the Infiltrate rule join a unit without the rule in order to deploy via that method?


Can Commissar Yarrick be selected as a warlord despite having both the Senior Officer and Chain of Command rules?


If Markerlights or other weapons that have an effect on a hit are fired at a model protected by a Void Shield, what happens?


Can a model use a Target Lock in combination with Overwatch fire to shoot at a unit that is not assaulting?


Can a model benefit from both Psychic Focus and Chaos Psychic Focus? That is, can a Daemon of, say, Nurgle get its "free" power from the Plague discipline, roll twice on the Biomancy discipline, and then also get Smite for "free"? If not, is there a choice involved or is the model forced to benefit from one or the other version of psychic focus (could I choose to take Smite over Stream of Corruption, or vice versa?)


When casting psychic powers, can multiple psykers in the same unit attempt to manifest the same power? If not, does this allow them to "share" powers as per the wording of the psychic phase?


If a unit is under the effect of Invisibility and the enemy has a special rule or wargear that allows them to hit on a particular number (e.g. Kharn the Betrayer, etc), which ability takes precedence?


How does Look Out, Sir! interact with wounds from a Destroyer weapon? If I suffer a hit that causes three wounds, to that particular model, are each of those wounds re-allocated individually (potentially killing three separate models)?


If a unit contains a combination of Bikes and non-Bike models, is it able to Run, Turbo Boost, neither, or both at the same time?


Which attacks/shots does the Strikedown rule that superheavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures have apply to?


Can the Warp Storm table affect units which are embarked on a building or transport vehicle?


Can Kairos Fateweaver ever generate psychic powers from the Daemonology discipline? If so, how is this done?

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For your second Detachment, you may select from one of the following:

CAD, Allied Detachment or a Formation.


Strictly as written, it is not legal to field a Knight detachment, Assassin detachment, Great Waaaaaagh detachment, Wolves Unleashed detachment, etc, etc, as these do not fall into any of the categories.

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Or just let it be any two detachments you want. The big no-no is allowing two CADs (or CAD-like detachments), and since that's already legal I don't see any reason to limit what specific combinations of detachments are included. Bringing a CAD or CAD-like detachment is essentially required if you want to properly fill the points, anyways.

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